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"Siskiyou County" 

1859, According to the State Register and Year Book of Facts, California 1859, the following Post Offices were located in Siskiyou County:  Callahan's Ranch, Fort Goff, Henley, Ottitiewa, Scott's River, Seiad Valley and Yreka. When Klamath County was eliminated, Siskiyou gained two more early post offices - Cottage Grove and Sawyer's Bar.~

1866 October 15, San Francisco Bulletin- Siskiyou is to have a County Fair on the 23rd of October. The Agricultural Society have published a large list of premiums. The place of meeting is Fort Jones, in Scott's Valley.~

1880 January 29, San Francisco Bulletin - The Governor yesterday appointed as Notaries . . . D. Caldwell at Oakbar, Siskiyou County.

1882 January 25, San Francisco Bulletin - A Siskiyou County doctor has a horse nineteen hands high, and not very gentle. It is said to be the largest horse on the coast.~

1915 -Siskiyou County Mining Districts:   Salmon River; Quartz Valley; Oro Fino; Scott Bar (Scott River); Humbug Creek; Cottonwood; Callahan; Happy Camp; Liberty; Deadwood; Virginia Bar (Virginia Dale) ; Greenhorn; Hawkinsville; Fool's Paradise; Oak Bar; Seiad; Hamburg Bar.~

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