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1858 February 15, post office established as Callahan's Ranch, Siskiyou, California. The 's' was dropped 10 March 1882, and 'Ranch' was dropped 1 June 1892. Named for M. B. Callahan who built a store in the location in 1851 as a supply point for the mines. Located 14 miles southeast of Etna Mills.

Asa White, First Postmaster.

1858 December 29, Augusta Chronicle (Augusta, Georgia) - A Mr. Thompson was shot dead on 22d November at Wild Cat Flats near Callahan's Ranch in Scott Valley by a man named James Lacy alias "Poker Jim" who, it appears was the husband of a step-daughter of the deceased. The difficulty originated in the marriage which took place some months since, which was opposed by the girl's step-father.~

1868 November 10, Sacramento Daily Union - UNION CELEBRATION AT CALLAHAN'S- Nov 9th. - The Union men of this vicinity met on the South Fork last Saturday evening and fired 150 guns in honor of the election of Grant and Collfax. They then formed in line with torches and marched through the streets, singing patriotic songs, and had a regular jubilee.~

1882 March 10, 's dropped from Callahan's Ranch, making it Callahan Ranch.

1892 March 10, Hans Pedersen, Postmaster.

1892 June 1, "Ranch" dropped. Now Callahan.

1905 May 24, Charles W. Sacry, Postmaster.

1907 March 29, Bessie E. Mason, Postmaster.

1907 December 23, Elizabeth B. Plaice, Postmaster.

1910 January 28, Bessie E. Mason, Postmaster.

1910 October 15, Martha E. Crocker, Postmaster.

1910 October 16, SISKIYOU POSTMISTRESS, Washington D.C. Oct 15 - The postoffice department today announced the appointment of Martha E. Crocker to act as postmistress of Callahan, Siskiyou county, in place of B.E. Mason.~

1911 May 16, Samuel R. Thompson, Postmaster.

1914 August 6, Charles Farrington, Postmaster.

1914 August 8, Sacramento Union - Washington, Aug 7 - the following fourth class postmasters for offices in California have been named:  Callahan, Siskiyou county, Charles Farrington.~

1922 March 31, Sacramento Union - POSTMASTER OUT FOR COLLECTOR OF TAXES - Farrington, business man and postmaster of Callahan for the last eight years, has announced his candidacy for the nomination of tax collector of Siskiyou county.~

1927 November 12, Mrs. Grace B. Hayden, Postmaster.

1928 January 20, Mrs. Evelyn Farrington, Postmaster.

1945 October 25, Charles Farrington, Postmaster.

1948 September 16, Russell Farrington, Postmaster.

1971 May 29, Mr. Stephen R. Farrington, Postmaster.


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