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Bray is a locality 22 miles south of Dorris along the Southern Pacific Railroad in Siskiyou County, California.

1907 June 7 - one source date for the establishment of the post office with William J. Bray as postmaster.

1909 March 20, 4th Class post Office established as Bray, Siskiyou, California, located 12 miles south of Mount Hebron. The name is for William J. Bray, pioneer settler and the first postmaster.

1909 November 26, Otis E. Pits, Postmaster.

1918 May 31, San Diego Union (San Diego, CA) -Sacramento, May 30- TINY MOUNTAIN TOWN MAKES HIGH RECORD - Bray, Siskiyou county, California, having oversubscribed its quota to the second Red Cross Mercy fund 1033 per cent, has probably established a new high record for the nation.

Bray is a tiny mountain hamlet with a population of 1,000. Its allotment was $400. while today, with more subscriptions still expected, a total of $4,554.50 has been received.~

1923 August 30, William J. Bray, Postmaster.

1927 November 9, Les Coffenberry, Postmaster.

1929 May 16, Lillian B. Willis, Postmaster.

1930 December 1, Elsie A. Miller, Postmaster.

1934 June 1, Mrs. Elsie A. Miller Rooney, Postmaster.

1934 September 25, Mrs. Ruby Johnson, Postmaster.

1936 March 9, Mrs. Mildred Peters, Postmaster.

1936 August 4, Mrs. Marie Johnson, Postmaster.

1938 November 1, Fred T. Darley, Postmaster.

1942 December 5, Mrs. Eva May Page, Postmaster.

1944 April 8, Thelma S. Pearson, Postmaster.

1950 March 15, Charles F. Maloney, Postmaster.

1953 June 5, Mrs. Diasy M. Carr, Postmaster.

1956 January 6, DeLores M. Steffenson, Postmaster.

1967 September 8, Mrs. Monas Joy Annis, Postmaster.

1967 December 1, Post Office discontinued and the service moved to Mount Hebron.

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