Etna Mills > Etna

AKA:   Rough and Ready

1861 January 10, 2nd Class Post Office established as Etna Mills, Siskiyou, California. Town named for nearby flour mills. A farm and mine center located 28 miles southwest of Yreka.

Manasseh Sleeper, First Postmaster.

1862 March 10, James H. Taylor, Postmaster.

1863, Post Office moved 2 miles north.

1863 May 18, William R. Price, Postmaster.

1864 February 9, Abisha Swain, Postmaster.

1865 February 27, M.M. Dawson, Postmaster.

1865 March 13, Abisha Swain, Postmaster.

1867 June 12, James A. Diggles, Postmaster.

1871 December 23, David H. Shaw, Postmaster.

1874 "Mills" dropped by California State Legislature. However, continued use of "Etna Mills" showed up on most all addresses and for the postmaster appointments..

1874, "There seemed to be a lack of adoration for the name Rough and Ready, even if, perhaps, beholden to an earlier period. Presently, however, the title created twitters, if not flavors of disrespect by strangers. Generally, an affront was sensed; citizens and town alike suffered. In consequence, by legislative act, 1874, the "undignified" name, Rough and Ready, was changed to a "dignified" Etna." - Saddle Bags In Siskiyou by J. Roy Jones, Yreka, 1953.

1876 November 24, Abisha Swain, Postmaster.

1878 November 26, John M. Single, Postmaster.

1885 September 10, Frank Lowe, Postmaster.

1886 March 22, Jacob Eiler, Postmaster.

1887 December 21, Harry Budelman, Postmaster.

1889 December 31, Robert P. Taylor, Postmaster.

1893 December 29, James P. Bryan, Postmaster.

1897 December 20, Fred I. Wetmore, Postmaster.

1901 October 28, Marcus J. Isaacs, Postmaster.

1914 April 6, Rosalia A. Crandall, Postmaster.

1922 April 1, Donald A. Parker, Postmaster.

1924 October 1, Post Office Department dropped "Mills." Donald A. Parker was the postmaster when "Etna Mills" and when "Etna".

1928 September 18, Alex Parker, Postmaster.

1929 May 23, Donald A. Parker, Postmaster.

1933 July 19, Frank T. Ashby, Postmaster.

1948 July 11, Hazel D. Ashby, Postmaster.

1959 January 31, Raymond Johnson, Postmaster.

1961 August 18, Joe L. Roberts, Postmaster.



1880 September 15, 4th Class Post Office established as Forestvale, Siskiyou, California, located 14 miles east of Mt. Shasta and 34 miles southwest of Lava Beds. A vacation resort.

George Deter, First and Only Postmaster.

1881 March 25, Post Office discontinued and service moved to Mount Shasta.


Forks of Salmon

1858 September 30, 4th Class Post Office established as Forks of Salmon, Klamath, California, located 42 miles southwest of Etna, at the junction of the north and south forks of the Salmon River. Was an 1849 mining camp.

John A. Hartcorn, First Postmaster.

1862 August 20, William Curtis, Postmaster.

1863 December 17, Madison Forgey, Postmaster.

1871 October 16, Post Office discontinued.

1872 August 28, Forks of Salmon Post Office re-established with William R. Boyd as Postmaster.

1874 March 28, Now located in Siskiyou County as Klamath County dissolved.

1877 February 7, Peter Miller, Postmaster.

1884 May 13, William P. Bennett, Postmaster.

1907 February 1, Melissa L. Bennett, Postmaster.

1914 December 28, Sacramento Union -  PREPARING TO HYDRAULIC - The Bonally hydraulic mine near the Forks of Salmon is working a large crew of miners. The company has just finished putting in a lot of new fluming preparatory to the coming water season. The company has already piped off all the surface dirt for the coming season and will be working on their large deposit of rich gravel during the spring and summer months. This is one of the big hydraulic mines of western Siskiyou and has yielded many thousands of dollars the past few years.~

1915 April 5, Hendricks A. Salstrom, Postmaster.

1923 March 3, Edward C. Smith, Postmaster.

1926 October 19, John C. Erhart, Postmaster.

1943 April 1, Mrs. Julia Ann Floyd, Postmaster.

1947 June 5, Mrs. Nancy Nichols, Postmaster.

1954 February 24, Mrs. Gladys Stanshaw, Postmaster.

1954 July 12, Mrs. Gladys Stanshaw, Postmaster.


Fort Bidwell

1868 April 14, 4th Class Post Office established as Fort Bidwell, Siskiyou, California. Into Modoc County when that county created 17 February 1874.

See:  Fort Bidwell under Modoc County.


Fort Goff

1858 May 15, 4th Class Post Office established as Fort Goff, Siskiyou, California, located 5 miles northwest of Seid Valley at a mining site.

Daniel B. Tudd, First Postmaster.

1859, Solomon Waterman, Postmaster.

1862 March 24, Post Office discontinued and the service moved to Seiad Valley.


Fort Jones

See:  Ottitiewa > Fort Jones



AKA:   Edson (no post office)

1870 April 15, 3rd Class Post Office established as Gazelle, Siskiyou, California, located 18 miles southeast of Yreka and 11 miles northwest of Weed. Early explorers thought the prong-horned Antelope found in the area were Gazelles. The site was a travelers stop on the California-Oregon Road.

J.R. Edson, First Postmaster. (one source has E.B. Edson)

1872 January 22, Post Office discontinued.

1872 April 25, Post Office re-established with Harriette C. Eddy as Postmaster.

1886 September 16, James Kiernan, Postmaster.

1904 December 19, Edson L. Foulke, Postmaster.

1906 September 24, Oscar F. Dyer, Postmaster.

1908 November 10, John L. Berry, Postmaster.

1914 February 19, Henry A. Craig, Postmaster. 

1928 December 11, Henry A. Craig, Postmaster.

1929 August 9, Henry A. Craig, Postmaster.

1939 January 1, Albert A. Cedros, Postmaster.

1947 July 19, Albert A. Cedros, Postmaster.        

1967 November 7, Margaret L. Patterson, Postmaster.                                                                                                                                  




1892 October 18, 4th Class Post Office established as Gilta, Siskiyou, California, near the Gilta Mine, located 6 miles south of Forks of Salmon.

August Dannenbrink, First Postmaster.

1915 April 15, Post Office discontinued and service moved to Forks of Salmon.


Glazier > Bartle

1888 August 20, 4th Class Post Office established as Glazier, Siskiyou, California, located 30 miles east of Berryvale.

Abram D. Bartle, First Postmaster.

1897 May 26, Catherine Bartle, Postmaster of Glazier

1906 October 26, Glazier Post Office moved 1/2 mile northeast and the name changed to Bartle.

1906 October 26, 4th Class Post Office was established as Bartle, Siskiyou, California and named for pioneer, A. D. Bartle. Abram and Jerome Bartle were cattlemen and resort operators at the site. Located 15 1/2 miles E of McCloud, Bartle was a stopping place for freight teamsters traveling between Fall River Mills and the railroad at Sisson, as well as from other sites along the route.

Jessie McMahan Estill, First Postmaster.

1908 August 24, Joseph N. Price, Postmaster.

1909 February 19, John McIntosh, Postmaster.

1909 December 31, Algomah Post Office discontinued and the service moved to Bartle.

1911 March 15, Bartle Post Office discontinued.

1912 August 21, San Francisco Call - Redding, August 20 - A. D. Bartle, a Siskiyou county pioneer, died in his home here today at the age of 65. He came to Siskiyou county more than 40 years ago and was one of the first white men to settle in the McCloud River country. He blazed the way for the lumbering industry and built the Bartle Hotel in the town of McCloud. The town of Bartle at the eastern terminus of the McCloud River Railroad was named for him. Bartle at the time owned large tracts of timber along the McCloud.~

1915 March 18, Bartle Post Office re-established with Jesse McMahan Estill as postmaster.

1915 April 24, Sacramento Union - Bids for carrying the mail between Bartle, Siskiyou county, through Dana, Glenburn and Fall River Mills in Shasta county, and Pitville and Bieber, in Lassen county, to Adin, Modoc county, a distance of 72 miles, will be opened May 16.

The present contract is held by John McIntosh for $8200 a year, with $1.50 per hundred for parcel post. In accordance with the plan pursued by the department in other parts of the state, it wants bids made on long andf short haul basis for parcel post.~

1921 September 20, Sacramento Union -Redding, Shasta Co., Sept. 19 - Thirty-four miles of railroad from Bartle, Siskiyou county, to the Pit River was opened today to handle traffic to the Pacific Gas and Electric company hydro-electric projects along the river. The line cost $500,000.~

1924 July 31, Post Office discontinued and the service moved to McCloud. 




See:  Honolulu > Gottville > Klamath River


Grass Lake

1906 August 1, 4th Class Post Office established as Grass Lake, Siskiyou, California, located 20 miles southwest of Mount Hebron, on the shore of Grass Lake.

Abner Weed, First and Only Postmaster.

1906 November 30, P O discontinued and service moved to Mount Hebron.



1900 June 2, 3rd Class Post Office established as Greenview, Siskiyou, California, located 6 miles southwest of Fort Jones and 7 miles north of Etna Mills. Was a supply point for the nearby mines and named for the Green family.

Hooper S. Dyer, First Postmaster.

1901 December 23, Ruluff D. Stone, Postmaster.

1905 June 16, William A. Egli,  Postmaster.

1919 January 4, Charles E. Harris, Postmaster.

1923 June 4, Marion Whipple, Postmaster.

1937 July 15, Mrs. Mabel Shull Whipple, Postmaster.

1937 August 25, Mrs. Mabel Whipple, Postmaster.

1943 June 4, Mr. Marion Whipple, Postmaster.

1965 July 30, Mrs. Edythe E. Gollar, Postmaster.

1966 September 14, Mrs. Edythe E. Gollar, Postmaster.



1917 April 27, 3rd Class Post Office established as Grenada, Siskiyou, California, located 10 miles southeast of Yreka, a farming and dairy area. The name was for Grenada County in Mississippi and applied by the railroad to a "passing track" site. The townsite was developed in 1915 by the Mt. Shasta Land and Irrigation Company.

Victor Bovo, First Postmaster.

1921 February 17, Waldo H. Chase, Postmaster.

1923 July 7, Mrs. Griffin C. Nelson, Postmaster.

1925 March 3, Milton M. Ward, Postmaster.

1925 March 9, Walter E. Wanaka, Postmaster.

1953 May 31 Mrs. Irma L. de Soza, Postmaster.

1953 July 15, Mrs. Clarice N. Borgnis, Postmaster.

1955 April 22, Mrs. Clarice N. Borgnis, Postmaster.

1955 December 9 Charles W. Grimmer, Postmaster.

1956 June 12, Mrs. Clarice N. Borgnis, Postmaster.

1957 September 25, Kenneth P. Truelove, Postmaster.



Hamburgh Bar > Hamburgh > Hamburg

1851 German miners named the locale after the German seaport. Original site located along the Klamath River until destroyed by flood in 1861.

1878 April 5, 4th Class Post Office established as Hamburgh Bar, Siskiyou, California.

Isaac J. Isaacs, First Postmaster.

1880 February 16, San Francisco Bulletin, Pacific Coast Postal Changes - Washington, February 15th - Postmasters appointed:  Dan. Caldwell, Hamburgh Bar, Siskiyou county...

1884 March 22, Dan Caldwell, Postmaster.

1886 March 22, "h" and "Bar" dropped; Dan Caldwell, Postmaster.

1899 January 31, Mrs. Kate M. Caldwell, Postmaster.

1914 January 30, Bertha M. Campbell, Postmaster.

1919 October 23, Bertha M. Kramer, Postmaster.

1921 June 25, Miss Sarah A. Bailey, Postmaster.

1926 June 25, Sarah A. Bailey, Postmaster.

1940 February 1, George A. Martin, Postmaster.

1940 February 24, P O moved 1/4 mile east.

1940 March 8, Geoge Adolphus Martin, Postmaster.

1954 June 15, P O discontinued and the service moved to Horse Creek.


Happy Camp

1858 March 19, 2nd Class Post Office established as Happy Camp, Del Norte, California, located 57 miles northwest of Fort Jones.

1877, Into Siskiyou County by way of Boundary Change.

1888 January 4, Post Office Department records boundary change and takes Happy Camp from Del Norte and into Siskiyou.

1888 February 18, Gregor Von Drachenfels, Postmaster when changed from Del Norte to Siskiyou County.

1889 June 11, James Camp, Postmaster.

1891 November 28, Quincy Woodcock, Postmaster.

1899 May 25, Jeremiah Lane, Postmaster.

1909 January 11, Gorham R. Humphreys, Postmaster.

1911 December 28, Nathan D. Evans, Postmaster.

1915 February 26, Gorham R. Humphreys, Postmaster.

1915 March 1, Sacramento Union, Postmasters Appointed:  Happy Camp, Siskiyou County, Gorham P. Humphreys.

1935 February 6, Gorham R. Humphreys, Postmaster.

1939 May 8, Archie G. McFarlane, Postmaster.

1939 June 10, Mrs. Vera L. Toleman, Postmaster.

1943 February 4, Richard W. Merrill, Postmaster.

1944 October 1, Vera Lillian Toleman, Postmaster.

1947 July 1, Miss Irene F. Attebery, Postmaster.

1949 October 18, Mrs. Ellen I. Fitzgerald, Postmaster.

1955 March 16, Mrs. Winifred B. Thomas, Postmaster.

1971 June 12, Mrs. Pauline P. Attebery, Postmaster.

See:  Happy Camp under Del Norte County.



AKA:  Frogtown (no Post Office)

1888 October 2, A 4th class post office established as Hawkinsville, Siskiyou, California, named for Jacob Hawkins, trading post owner. Served as a supply center for miners along Yreka Creek and Humbug Creek in 1851. Located 3 miles N of Yreka.

Henry Koester, First Postmaster. 

1890 July 31, P O discontinued.

1895 June 18, P O re-established with Annie O'Donnell as Postmaster.

1906 October 13, Daniel J. O'Leary, Postmaster.

1907 April 29, Annie O'Donnell, Postmaster.

1913 June 30, P O discontinued and the service moved to Yreka.



AKA:  Cottonwood (no Post Office).

1856 January 3, 4th Class Post Office established as Henley, Siskiyou, California, and named for Col. T. J. Henley who commanded military troops in the area. The site was 20 miles northeast of Yreka.

George C. Merritt, First Postmaster.

1859 August 17, Anton Haserick, Postmaster.

1869 August 31, Edward Donaghy, Postmaster.

1872 August 15, John S. Eubanks, Postmaster.

1875 Sepember 17, Matthew Fultz, Postmaster.

1880 July 19, Matthew Fultz, Postmaster.

1881 July 5, Thomas Jones, Postmaster.

1889 August 9,  Dr. B. M. Gill, Postmaster.

1897 November 16, Lizzie Arnold, Postmaster.

1898 June 1, Sarah E. Hacker, Postmaster.

1899 July 22, John P. Hicks, Postmaster.

1909 April 9, Even E. Williams, Postmaster.

1909 December 8, Troy O. Mays, Postmaster.

1910 April 9, Miss Happie P. Hobson, Postmaster.

1911 April 7, Samuel H. Clawson, Postmaster.

No Date, Erastus J. Smith, Postmaster.

1912 December 31, P O discontinued and the service moved to Yreka. 


Hilts > Hilt

See:  Coles > Hilts > Hilt



See: Honolulu > Gottville > Klamath River


Honolulu > Gottville > Klamath River

1881 December 2, 4th Class Post Office established as Honolulu, Siskiyou, California, located 18 miles northwest of Yreka. Named by Hawaiin miners. AKA Empire Creek (no P O)

Manasseh Sleeper, First Postmaster.

1882 January 16San Francisco Bulletin, Pacific Coast Postal Changes - Post Offices established:  Honolulu, Siskiyou county, Cal., Lanaseal Sleeper, Postmaster.

1883 February 1, W. N. Gott, Postmaster.

1883 May 9, Lizzie Gott, Postmaster

1885 June 26, Post Office discontinued. Service moved to Yreka.

1887 August 9, 4th Class Post Office established as Gottville, Siskiyou, California, located 18 miles northwest of Yreka. Named for William N. Gott. Previously operated as Honolulu.

William N. Gott, First Postmaster.

1912 December 20, John Forgassi, Postmaster.

1913 March 5, Sacramento Union - ANNOUNCES POSTMASTERS - Washington D.C., March 4 - Congressman Raker of California announces the following appointments of fourth class postmasters in his district:  . . .John Forgassi, Gottville, Siskiyou county. . .

1913 July 14, Sadie G. Wilmington, Postmaster.

1915 April 5, John R. Clute, Postmaster.

1919 September 30, Winnie E. Brown, Postmaster.

1919 December 15, Winnie E. Nelson, Postmaster.

1929 January 15, Joseph Freshour, Jr., Postmaster.

1934 July 2, Discontinued Gottville and name changed to Klamath River.

1934 July 2, 3rd Class Post Office established as Klamath River, Siskiyou, California located 17 miles northwest of Yreka.

Joseph Freshour, Jr., First Postmaster.

1942 January 28, Mrs. Augusta F. Hansen, Postmaster.

1942 February 25,  Post Office moved 3 1/2 miles west.

1942 August 21, Mrs. Augusta H. Thompson, Postmaster.

1943 May 11, Mrs. Marian E. Johnson, Postmaster.

1948 October 19, Mrs. Maria E. Allen, Postmaster.

1955 February 25, George J. Turchen, Postmaster.

1955 November 30, Nellie Shomilin, Postmaster.