See:   Cadillac > Hornbrook


Horsecreek > Horse Creek

1907 January 26, 4th Class Post Office established as Horsecreek, Siskiyou, California, located 6 miles southwest of Oakbar.

Richard Everill, First Postmaster.

1911 October 14, Post Office discontinued.

1930 February 20, Nettie S. Cohn, Postmaster.

1930 April 2, Post Office re-established and name changed to two words, Horse Creek.

1931 February 16, Ben Cohn, Postmaster.

1934 October 15, Chester H. Barton, Postmaster.

1946 October 31, Peter H. Malloy, Postmaster.

1952 April 21, Mrs. Margaret R. Patterson, Postmaster.

1960 August 10, Vivian E. Edwards, Postmaster.

1971 May 15, Thurman W. Moore, Postmaster.


Hot Spring(s)

1871 December 28, 4th Class Post Office established as Hot Springs, Siskiyou, California located 20 miles north of Adin at the site of numerous hot water springs.

George Townsend, First Postmaster.

1872 January 20, Pacific Rural Press - Post Offices Established - Hot Spring, Siskiyou county, California, George Townsend, Postmaster.

1874 February 17, Post Office now located in new county of Modoc.

See also under Modoc County:  Hot Springs > Clover Swale



1906 May 26, 4th Class Post Office established as Hutton, Siskiyou, California, located 4 miles northwest of Eileen and 4 miles southwest of Watkins, Oregon. Named for the resort operator at the site.

Frank Edwards, First Postmaster.

1914 January 31, Post Office discontinued and the service moved to Watkins, Oregon.



1888 June 7, 4th Class Post Office established as Igerna, Siskiyou, California, located 12 miles northwest of Sisson per Postal Route Map. Legend has it Igerna was the mother of King Arthur. This site was homesteaded in 1872 by George Kellogg. Explanation for the name Igerna unknown.

Lucy A. Helsley, First Postmaster. (Appointment date for Lucy on one list is July 9, 1888)

1892 November 1, Clifford Coggins, Postmaster.

1902 October 23, Lowell Y. Coggins, Postmaster.

1908 January 17, Percy Lovejoy, Postmaster.

1912 December 31, Post Office discontinued and the service moved to Weed.



1904 January 4, 4th Class Post office established as Joebar, Siskiyou, California.

1904 April 30, Rescinded. No Record of Operation.



See:  Daggett > Jordan



AKA:  Camp Kinyon

See:  White Horse > Kinyon under Modoc County.



Klamath Mill

1875 April 1, 4th Class Post Office established as Klamath Mill, Siskiyou, California, located on Eddy's Gulch, 3 miles south of Sawyers Bar and 5 miles northeast of Black Bear per Application for Post Office. Named for the Klamath Quartz Mining Company, operators of a mill at the site.

John Daggett, First Postmaster.

1882 December 18, Post Office discontinued and the service moved to Sawyers Bar.


Klamath River

See:  Honolulu > Gottville > Klamath River



See:  Pokegama > Klamathon


Lava Bed(s)

1880 May 31, 4th Class Post Office established as Lava Bed, Siskiyou, California located on an ancient lava rock bed,  10 miles southeast of Plevna, Oregon. 

John A. Fairchild, First Postmaster.

1881 August 10, John Doyle, Postmaster.

1881 August 11, Post Office moved 3 miles west.

1882 August 7, P.M. Bangle, Postmaster.

1883 February 5, Post office discontinued.

1884 October 3, Post Office re-established with John A. Fairchild again the Postmaster.

1886 June 18, Post Office discontinued and service moved to Plevna, Oregon.


Little Shasta

1888 March 7, 4th Class Post Office established as Little Shasta, Siskiyou, California, located 8 miles east of Montague. Named for Little Shasta Creek.

Charles Ciodi, First Postmaster.

1888 September 8, Post Office moved 1/2 mile west.

1888 September 8, George Soule, Postmaster.

1898 June 15, Mary Fox, Postmaster.

1898 July 15, Post Office moved 1/2 mile east.

1901 January 4, Stephen H. Soule, Postmaster.

1913 October 21, Anna E. Soule, Postmaster.

1920 September 30, Post Office discontinued and the service moved to Montague.



1907 August 7, 3rd Class Post Office established as Macdoel, Siskiyou, California located 3 miles north of Mount Hebron. Named by the Southern Pacific Railroad for William Macdoel, station site owner. Founded in 1886. A farming and lumbering region.

Mark D. Early, First Postmaster.

1908 August 6, Joseph W. Maust, Postmaster.

1915 March 1, Sacramento Union, Postmaster Appointed:  Macdoel, Siskiyou county, Joseph M. Maust.

1922 November 27, Mary E. Holbrook, Postmaster.

1926 March 13, Vina Trefren, Postmaster.

1928 January 23, Charles Bigham, Postmaster.

1968 July 19, Mrs. Betty M. Raines, Postmaster.



See:  Mannon > Dunsmuir


Mannon > Dunsmuir

1886 November 10, 4th Class Post Office established as Mannon, Siskiyou, California located 8 miles southeast of Berryvale and 10 miles north of Hazel Creek. Named for Dick Mannon, pioneer and owner of Soda Springs and hotel.

Elda McCloud, First Postmaster.

1887 December 10The North Star -

There is a movement to have the post office changed from Mannon (upper Soda Springs) to Dunsmuir. This has become necessary owing to the large increase in population in the latter place.

Mr. J.N. White is spoken of as Postmaster, and authority to make the desired change is awaited. No doubt the postal department at Washington will see the necessity of the change being made.

1887 November 28, Mannon Post Office discontinued, moved 1 mile south and name changed to Dunsmuir.

Dunsmuir sometimes called "Pusher".

1887 November 28, 2nd Class Dunsmuir, Siskiyou, California Post Office established located 8 miles southeast of Berryvale and 10 miles north of Hazel Creek. Named for Alexander Dunsmuir, coal baron, the post office was moved from Mannon.

George McCloud, First Postmaster.

1889 May 28, Levi Van Fossen, Postmaster.

1893 June 15, Henry B. Basham, Postmaster.

1894 July 31, Idaho Statesman- San Francisco, July 30 - The state troops are withdrawing from the field in northern California. The several companies of the Fifth regiment and Second artillery regiment vacated Oakland this morning. They left behind, however, a military guard of about 100 men to preserve order in the railroad yards.

At Sacramento the six companies of the Eighth regiment broke camp this evening and started for their homes.

The state troops at Dunsmuir will be held there for an indefinite period, United States Marshal Baldwin having reported the strikers are still in a mood to make trouble.

Strong forces of United States regulars are still on duty at Sacramento, Roslyn, and Truckee. There is no probability of their being withdrawn for several days.~

1897 September 13, Jaspar J. Sheafor, Postmaster.

1900 July 19, Charles A. Bills, Postmaster.

1901 November 12, George W. Humphreys, Postmaster.

1908 March 11, Charles A. Bills, Postmaster.

1910 January 26, W. T. Tuckwell, Postmaster.

1914 January 27, Minnie R. Crist, Postmaster.

1916 February 15, George B. Coon, Postmaster.

1918 September 20, Robert J. Dixon, Postmaster.

1919 August 29, Selma A. Porter, Postmaster.

1923 March 30, Redding Searchlight, Dunsmuir, Mar. 29 - N.T.J. Beaughan sustained a broken collar bone when the automobile in which he, with Mrs. Beaughan and Dr. and Mrs. Evans were riding, turned over a bank and pinned them all under the car. No one else was injured, but Beaughan will be confined to his home for weeks.~

1924 March 19, Mrs. Doris R. Coon, Postmaster.

1929 January 29, Doris R. Geiger, Postmaster.

1933 July 1, William M. Welsh, Postmaster.

1965 December 30, William Thomas King, Postmaster.

1971 May 28, Mark A. Zanotto, Officer in Charge

1971 October 30, Mark A. Zanotto, Postmaster.

1980 October 31, Simon M. Modesto, Officer in Charge.

1981 July 11, James T. Ward, Postmaster.

2003 November 1, Linda S. Kufner, Officer in Charge.

2004 February 7, Linda S. Kufner, Postmaster.

2011 August 25, Julio Lopez, Officer in Charge.

2012 January 28, Jason W. Pope, Postmaster.




1887 May 18, 4th Class Post Office established as Mayten, Siskiyou, California located 8 1/2 miles south of Little Shasta and 8 miles northeast of Gazelle. Located in the P. Mayten home as early as 1884.

Richard E. Rader, First Postmaster.

1888 September 29, Edward Stallcup, Postmaster.

1892 March 29, Sacramento Daily Union - Notaries Public - Governor Markham appointed the following Notaries yesterday:  Henry Nichols, Mayten, Siskiyou County.~

1914 January 30, Thomas E. Stallcup, Postmaster.

1916 March 18, Carl William Ott, Postmaster.

1917 January 5, William Walter Nelson, Postmaster.

1918 February 2, Rhoda A. Raddon, Postmaster.

1919 June 30, Post Office discontinued and service moved to Montague.



1898 May 24, 2nd Class Post Office established as McCloud, Siskiyou, California, namd for the McCloud Lumber Company, who owned the town until the late 1960's. Located 2 miles north of Warmcastle and 7 miles east of Mott.

Arthur L. Sobey, First Postmaster.

1901 August 12, Charles C. Smith, Postmaster.

1902 November 25, Samuel W. Phillips, Postmaster.

1904 August 12, Frederick B. Nichols, Postmaster.

1909 June 3, Grand Forks Herald, Sacramento, Cal., June 2- According to Message from McCloud, Striking Lumber Workmen Have Endangered City - 

In response to a telegram from McCloud, announcing that the 600 lumber workmen on strike there had broken into the light and power plant and forced the firemen and engineers there to quit work, Governor Gilette ordered four companies of the state militia to proceed to the scene at once.

The troops left Sacramento by special train at 6:30 o'clock tonight to make the 350 mile journey to the heart of the Shasta lumber region. The telegram said that the town was without light or fire protection and that property worth $2,000,000., the citizens and their homes were at the mercy of the strikers, who were apparently beyond the control of their leaders. They asked that five companies of militia be rushed to the scene.~

1918 September 5, Mary A. Freeman, Postmaster.

1919 September 1, F. E. Siemann, Postmaster.

1920 February 11, George W. Hunt, Postmaster.

1924 January 9, Raymond A. Rigor, Postmaster.

1933 December 15, Paul W. McGrorty, Postmaster.

1956 December 31, George S. Bringle, Postmaster.




1892 April 19, 4th Class Post Office established as McCook, Siskiyou, California, located 13 miles southeast of Yreka and 12 miles south of Oak Bar.

Fred C. Wheeler, First Postmaster.

1894 September 29, Post Office discontinued.

1899 June 19, Post Office re-established.

1899 September 6, Rescinded. Service moved to Yreka.



1887 June 15, 2nd Class Post Office established as Montague, Siskiyou, California, located 7 1/2 miles (RR) east of Yreka and 8 miles west of Little Shasta per the Postal Route Map. Named for S.S. Montague, Chief Engineer, Central Pacific Railroad.

Franklin J. King, First Postmaster.

1889 August 20, Henry E. Diggles, Postmaster.

1892 August 13, George F. Wetzel, Postmaster.

1905 February 7, Eliza A. Sullivan, Postmaster.

1907 February 10, San Jose Mercury News- By deed filed for record yesterday afternoon in Yreka, Edwin J. Grant, of Montague became the owner of 4480 acres of timber land in this county in townships 46 and 47 north, range 4 west, and known locally as the "Woodland Tract."  Twenty-five persons living in or near Woodland were the locators of the timber claims. Their ownerships were acquired recently by Brice Martin, who in turn sold yesterday in bulk to Grant.~

1915 March 8, Edward K. Loosley, Postmaster.

1921 October 8, Robert C. Isaacs, Postmaster.

1924 September 12, William A. Murphy, Postmaster.

1926 January 2, Marcus J. Isaacs, Postmaster.

1926 June 3, Robert G. Isaacs, Postmaster.

1934 June 20, William T. Martin, Postmaster.

1944 May 16, Thomas Sawkins, Postmaster.

1947 July 1, Elmer M. Martin, Postmaster.

1967 June 7, Carl Sidner, Postmaster.