Virginia Ranch

1871 January 9, Post Offixe established as Virginia Ranch, Siskiyou, California located per an 1876 map 4 miles southwest of Henley and 16 miles north of Yreka.

Samuel S. Williams, First Postmaster.

1871 December 18, Post office discontinued and the service moved to Yreka.




1890 July 10, 4th Class Post Office established as Walker, Siskiyou, California, located 3 miles northwest of Yreka and 5 miles east of Oak Bar.

Joseph Bender, First Postmaster.

1897 October 4, Mrs. B. Walker, Postmaster.

1899 December 21, Mary E. Macanleay, Postmaster.

1906 January 27, Thomas C. Hegler, Postmaster.

1924 September 29, Mrs. Mary E. White, Postmaster.

1929 August 8, Edna E. White, Postmaster.

1934 October 9, Mrs. Minnie M. Crawford, Postmaster.

1937 November 13, Mrs. Helen B. Spence, Postmaster.

1942 October 31, Post Office discontinued and the service moved to Klamath River.



1896 July 20, 4th Class Post Office established as Warmcastle, Siskiyou, California located 5 miles southwest of Elklawn per the Postal Route Map. Named for Judge Warmcastle (1886), a former Superior Court Judge of Solano County. The location was also a stage stop.

Albert S. Conner, First Postmaster.

1902 December 31, Post Office discontinued and the service moved to McCloud.




1901 March 11, 2nd Class Post Office established as Weed, Siskiyou, California located 5 miles southeast of Edgewood. Named for Abner Weed, founder of a lumber company at the site in 1895.

Abner Weed, First Postmaster.

1905 May 8, William D. Morrison, Postmaster.

1906 May 4, Charles E. Evans, Postmaster.

1907 August 26, George William Wentner, Postmaster.

1908 December 19, Sacramento Union - MAIL SACK CUT - A sack of mail left on the depot platform at Weed by a passing train was cut open and the letters were removed and thrown on the ground. None were stolen so far as is now known.~

1922 January 25, George W. Bull, Postmaster.

1926 April 20, Francis R. Coleman, Postmaster.

1934 June 4, William T. King, Postmaster.

1950 August 15, Fred B. Niswonger, Postmaster.

1955 March 15, Axel A. Granstrom, Postmaster.


White Horse

See:  White Horse > Kinyon under Modoc County.


Willow Creek > Ager

1876 September 22, 4th Class Post Office established as Willow Creek, Siskiyou, California located 12 miles northeast of Yreka per the Postal route Map.

Mrs. Elizabeth Cooley, First Postmaster.

1888 February 3, Post Office moved 1 1/2 miles northeast and the name changed to Ager.

1888 February 3, 4th class post office established as Ager, Siskiyou, California, located 11 miles north of Montague. Named for Judson A. Ager, a pioneer settler.

Benonie R. Harrington, First Postmaster.

1888 June 5, Clara M. Newbold, Postmaster.

1890 June 4, James Vance, Postmaster.

1892 November 25, Walter Turner, Postmaster.

1897 October 4, William H. Laird, Postmaster.

1903 March 14, William E. Hawkins, Postmaster.

1904 March 19, Judson A. Ager, Postmaster.

1905 January 13, John H. Foster, Postmaster.

1906 June 11, Judson A. Ager, Postmaster.

1908 October 28Riverside Daily Press- Sacramento, Oct. 28 - Following the warning that an attempt would be made to hold up the Oregon Express near Ager, Siskiyou County, all of the Southern Pacific trains are today running under heavy guard.

The warning was received last Saturday and is being investigated. It is not known whether it was a hoax, but the railroad detectives believe that it was genuine.~

1911 July 23San Francisco Call, KLAMATH HOT SPRINGS - Has now fine auto, as well as stage service, from Ager, Siskiyou Co., Cal. Fishing and hunting. Mrs. Edson, Proprietor, Beswick, Cal.~

1915 June 10, Vesta M. Ager, Postmaster.

1919 October 22, George W. Gerlicher, Postmaster.

1920 August 2, Judson A. Ager, Postmaster.

1921 April 5, Earl F. Ager, Postmaster.

1924 August 27, Miss Inez D. Ager, Postmaster.

1925 January 6, Judson A. Ager, Postmaster.

1940 January 31, Ager Post Office discontinued and the service moved to Beswick.


Willow Ranch > Willowranch

1871 July 3, 4th Class Post Office established as Willow Ranch, Siskiyou, California located 8 miles south of New Pine Creek, Oregon. Name stems from stream called Willow Creek.

Andrew Snyder, First Postmaster.

1874 February 17, Post Office located in Modoc County with the creation of the county.

1882 December 4, Post Office discontinued.

1883 January 24, Post Office re-established.

1896, Name changed to one word.

See:  under Modoc County



1869 June 15, 4th Class Post office established as Yocumville, Klamath County, California until Klamath County was dissolved 28 March 1874 and the site was then in Siskiyou County. Located on the South Fork of the Salmon River 8 1/2 miles southwest of Black Bear per the Postal Route Map, the location was once a mining camp.

James Forbes, First Postmaster.

1872 April 22, John P. Fairchild, Postmaster.

1879 October 10, John T. P. Fyfield, Postmaster.

1885 September 28, Andrew J. Neilson, Postmaster.

1889 July 12, Mrs. Mary Fyfield, Postmaster.

1889 December 9, Mary F. Dulybon, Postmaster.

1890 September 22, William J. Balfrey, Postmaster.

1891 March 14, Post Office discontinued and the service moved to Forks of Salmon.




1853 March 17, Daily Placer Times and Transcript-  Messrs. Garland and Co. re-opened the Yreka Hotel on the 22nd of February on which occasion they gave the citizens of Yreka a splendid ball. It has been represented to us as having been a most brilliant affair. Our informant counted thirty-three ladies and between forty and fifty gentlemen in the ballroom at one time.~

1853 August 19, 1st Class Post Office established as Yreka, Siskiyou County, California, located 18 miles northeast of Fort Jones and 18 miles northwest of Gazelle. When Yreka was known as Thompson Dry Diggings and Shasta Butte City, there were no "official" post offices.

John Sentell, First Postmaster.

1855 December 17, William Grow, Postmaster.

1859 February 2, San Francisco Bulletin - Great excitement, says the Shasta Republican, prevails at Yreka, in consequence of facts said to have been elicited in the examination of Dr. Underhill, who was some time since arrested and confined to jail on the charge of murdering Charles Rose.

The examination was held strictly private; but enough, it appears, has been disclosed to the public to fasten the crime upon Underhill. It is feared that the populace will set the law at defiance, and take the life of Underhill in a summary manner - to guard against which the officers have placed a strong guard around the jail, who are resolved to let the law have its course if possible.

Underhill is in close confinement heavily ironed and well guarded so that no fears should be entertained of his escaping. Many rumors are afloat concerning the complicity of Underhill in other crimes. He is very strongly suspicioned of being an accomplice in the murder of the French woman, at Yreka some months since. Underhill resided at Middletown and on Jackass Flat in Shasta County in the years 1855 and 1856.~

1859 November 1, Hezekiah Brooks, Postmaster.

1861 May 28, Curtis M. Pyle, Postmaster.

1869 August 4, Alonzo Raynes, Postmaster.

1872 January 1, Oregonian (Portland, OR) - There is no later news by telegraph. The country below Marysville (California) is reported to be flooded. No mail from the south has reached Yreka for a week.~

1874 December 18, Alonzo Raynes, Postmaster.

1879 August 9, Oregon State Journal - The Yreka Journal with its last issue entered on its twenty-sixth volume. The Journal is the leading paper of Northern California, and is deserving of the liberal support it receives.~

1880 January 29, San Francisco Bulletin - Judge A.M. Roseborough of Yreka removed to Oakland.~

A stranger arrived at Yreka on the Oregon stage sometime Wednesday morning and before 9 o'clock he had taken a few hands at poker, got drunk, was whipped three times, and finally locked up. This would be considered quick work anywhere.~

1883 January 29, Alonzo Raynes, Postmaster.

1887 March 10, Elisha DeWitt, Postmaster.

1889 April 9, Alonzo E. Raynes, Postmaster.

1889 August 31, Themis - "The town of Yreka was originally called Shasta Butte City, but as this was too much like Shasta City, the Indian name for Mount Shasta, I-e-ha (meaning white) was substituted, and the orthography was changed to Wyreka. In the course of time the "W" was dropped and the present spelling was adopted."~

1893 December 21, Austin Hawkins, Postmaster.

1897 September 27, Wilkes-Barr Times - Yreka, Cal., Sept. 27 - A stage robbery, the second in the same place within the last six months, occurred nine miles from here. A lone and masked highwayman stepped from behind a rock and demanded the express box, which was handed over, and the stage proceeded on its way. It is not known how much the robber secured. There were four passengers in the stage, but none was molested.~

1897 October 29, Robert J. Nixon, Postmaster.

1902 February 28, Robert J. Nixon, Postmaster.

1914 January 27, O. M. Schwatha, Postmaster.

1914 June 24, Robert J. Nixon, Postmaster.

1914 July 17, Nellie Hawkins, Postmaster.

1919 August 15, Nellie Hawkins, Postmaster.

1924 January 9, Asa C. Howard, Postmaster.

1926 June 3, Frank C. Pollard, Postmaster.

1930 June 4, Frank C. Pollard, Postmaster.

1934 June 30, Robert H. DeWitt, Jr., Postmaster.

1944 May 1, Claude Erle Gillis, Postmaster.

1945 May 7, Maxwell F. Buffum, Postmaster.

1951 March 31, Donald J. Shurlock, Postmaster.

1961 April 28, Gerald H. Conrad, Postmaster.

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