Alford's Thirty Mile Crossing
Saturday, November 20, 2010 at 3:01PM
Jo Giessner

A stage and freight stopping-place at Alford's Thirty Mile Crossing [30 miles out from Red Bluff on what was Beegum Road and now is Highway 36W] was run by Jube and Melvina Alford in their ranch home. When Melvina heard the bells on the teams, and the iron-tired wheels on the wagons rolling over the rocks on the ungraded road, she would build a fire in her wood stove, and prepare a hot meal for the travelers. Granddaughter Ethel (Alford) Peterson tells of how the furniture was cleared from the parlor of the two-story house, and people came for miles around to dance there. Nothing remains of the house, barn, stable and corrals. - Tehama County Memories, 1984:  District I, Our Big Northwest by Anne W. McNabb, pages 41-43. Picture on page 42.~

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