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Jelly & Jelly's Ferry

1822, Andrew Jelly born 17 June 1822, in Stuebenville, Jefferson, Ohio.

1852, Andrew Jelly filed "Squatters Rights" to part of Benitz' Breisgau Grant along the Sacramento River just south of Battle Creek. Finally he was able to buy several 160 acre parcels from the State of California with Mexican War script and cash purchase.

1856, Andrew Jelly built a two-story brick house to serve as ranch headquarters, as well as stage stop and hotel for travelers.

1857, Andrew Jelly built and operated a ferry across the Sacramento River on his property and operated it as a toll ferry until 1890 when the county of Tehama took over.

1857, Jelly's Ferry, a toll ferry was established in 1857, across the Sacramento River by Andrew Jelly and continued service by him until 1890. The County of Tehama then operated the ferry service until 1950 when the steel bridge was built. This was the California Stage Company route through Jelly's property.~

1860 May 9, Red Bluff Beacon - WILL SOON START - We learn that Andrew Jelly will get his new ferry to running in about five days. It is located on the road from Blue Tent to Shingletown by the way of Battle Creek Mills. That portion of the road between Blue Tent and the new ferry has lately been put in thorough repair, and is now equally as good as the road to Shasta. The distance from Red bluff to Shingletown, by Jelly's Ferry, is only twenty-six miles. The opening of this way, will be of immense advantage both to the Yreka teamsters and those hauling lumber from McComber's, Klotz's and Smith's mills.~

1860 May 11, Sacramento Daily Union - NEW FERRY - A new ferry has been established by Andrew Jelly on the road from Red Bluff to Shingletown, via Blue Tent and Battle Creek mills. The Beacon says the distance from Red Bluff to Shingletown, by this ferry, is 26 miles, and that the opening of this way will be of immense advantage both to the Yreka teamsters and those hauling lumber from McCumber, Klotz's and Smith's mills.~

1865, Andrew Frank Lee Jelly, "Frank" born to Andrew Jelly and wife.

1875 June 28, Evening Post (San Francisco, California)- Tehama Delegates:  J.N. Montgomery, Dr. W.P. Matthews, A. Jelly, and E.J.C. Lewis.~

1887 August 6, Andrew Jelly died in Tehama County, California.

1899 August 19, Searchlight (Redding, California) - Jason Silva was thrown from a load of straw which he was hauling to his home near Jelly's Ferry Wednesday and died that evening from a concussion of the brain.~

1899 November 7, Searchlight (Redding, Caifornia) - William Lanham came up from Jelly's Ferry on Sunday to spend the day with his sister, Mrs. T.R. Laffoon.~

1901 April 29, 4th class post office established as Jelly, Tehama, California at the site along the Sacramento River where Andrew Jelly operated a ferryboat. Named for Frank Lee Jelly, the first postmaster. Located 18 miles north of Red Bluff per the Postal Route Map.

1901 April 29, Frank L. Jelly, First Postmaster.

1907 December 24, Albert T. Bacon, Postmaster.

1916 January 15, Emma M. Bacon, Postmaster.

1923 September 18, Knut K. Torrison, Postmaster.

1934 February 28, P O discontinued and the service moved to Red Bluff.

1958, Andrew Frank Lee Jelly (aka Frank L. Jelly) died in Tehama County, California.


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