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Tuscan (Tuscan Springs) 

1895 October 15, 4th class post office established as Tuscan, Tehama, California. Named after Tuscany, Italy the site also was called Lick Springs (no PO). Located 9 miles northeast of Red Bluff.

Edgerton B. Walbridge, First Postmaster.

1899 August 14, Riverside Daily Press- SUMMER HOTEL BURNED - A HUNDRED GUESTS FLEE FROM THE BURNING BUILDING - Red Bluff, Aug 14 - The new three-story hotel at Tuscan Springs, 9 miles from here was burned at 1 a.m. this morning. One hundred guests and employees escaped in their nightclothes. Belle McKenzie was the first to notice the fire, and roused many of the guests but was herself lost by staying too long in the building. No other lives were lost so far as known. The loss is $50,000. with $10,000. insurance.~

1903 October 1, D.E. Bruton, Postmaster.

1903 December 16, Frank. J. Hellen, Postmaster.

1904 December 3, Edgerton B. Walbridge, Postmaster.

1914 February 14, Martha c. Walbridge, Postmaster.

1919 May 15, P O discontinued and service moved to Red Bluff.

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