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A List of Post Offices

Please enjoy a little information about the Post office names and locations serving the folks of Tehama County. In alphabetical order and with reference to name change. Some locations came within the boundaries of Tehama County with the creation of the county and some discontinued and/or moved to other counties. Some are still in existance. A work in progress, the listing of postmasters is additional and not considered complete.

Battle Creek, Begum, Bend, Bingen, Blossom, Butte Meadows

Cold Fork, Colyear, Comosa, Corning (see: Riceville > Corning)


Eby > Redbank > Red Bank, Elder Creek

Farquhar, Flournoy

Gerber, Gleasonville (see: Henleyville > Gleasonville > Henleyville), Grove City

Henleyville (see:  Henleyville > Gleasonville > Henleyville), Hooker, Hunters

Jelly (see: Jelly & Jelly's Ferry)


Las Flores, Lassen's/Lassen's Ranch/Lassen, Lena, Los Molinos, Lowrey's > Lowrey, Lyonsville

Macum, Manton, Manzanita, Mill Creek, Mineral, Moon's Ranch, Morgan Springs

Paskenta, Payne's Creek, Proberta, Red Bluff, Riceville > Corning, Richfield, Riley, Rosewood

Simmons, Southey

Tehama, Tuscan (Tuscan Springs)



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