1891 August 8, 4th Class Post Office established as Farquhar, Tehama County, California, located 19 miles southwest of Cottonwood. The name honors Colonel George C. Farquhar, an 1850's settler.

Andrew McNamar, first postmaster.

1893 June 30, Post Office discontinued and the service moved to Cottonwood.



1908 August 14 -Post Office established and was named after the Flournoy family who settled in the area in the 1870's. Located 7 1/2 miles SW of Henleyville and 7 1/2 miles northeast of Paskenta.

Gilbert M. L. Snelling, first Postmaster. 

1911 April 12, Kate M. Snelling, Postmaster.

1918 March 22, Kate M. Schuchart, Postmaster.

1923 May 21 - Word was received here this afternoon of a fire that completely destroyed the general merchandise store at Flournoy conducted by Mrs. S. Schuchart who also is postmistress there. She was suddenly awakened about midnight by the crackling flames which enveloped the building. She narrowly escaped with her life, as did other members of the family, from the burning structure, all being in night attire. - 90 Years Ago, Red Bluff Daily News.~

1934 July 12, Mrs. Florence B. Whitlock, Postmaster.

1940 July 3, Miss Zema Owen, Postmaster.

1944 October 1, Mrs. Cora Masten Lynch, Postmaster.

1946 August 15, Mrs. Ica May Stilwell, Postmaster.

1947 February 10, Mrs. Anna Stilwell, Postmaster.

1948 September 8, Murel Kay Hiatt, Postmaster.

1950 June 29, Mrs. Cora M. Lynch, Postmaster.

1959 August 11, Roy D. Williams, Sr., Postmaster.

1960 April 6, Mrs. Lula B. Knight Postmaster.

1961 December 22, Mrs. Nellie M. Roach, Postmaster.

1966 March 15, Mrs. Florence B. Whitlock.

1966 December 30, The 4th Class Flournoy Post Office became a Rural Branch of Corning.



1897 January 27, Sacramento Daily Union - BUFFALO BREWING COMPANY - The Old Board Of Directors Re-elected by the Stockholders - The regular annual meeting of the stockholders of the Buffalo Brewing Company was held yesterday [in Sacramento] and the old Board of Directors was re-elected.

This board is Adolph Heilbron, Samuel Lavenson, Fred. Cox, Hermann H. Grau, Frank Ruhstaller, Louis Nicolaus and W. E. Gerber.~

1911 March 17, Red Bluff News - GERBER WATER AND LIGHT COMPANY IS FORMED - Articles of incorporation of the Gerber Water and Light Company were filed with the County Recorder Thursday. The principal place of business of the corporation is to be Sacramento, its life to be fifty years, the capitol stock is $50,000. divided into 100 shares.

The directors of the corporation are Edward H. Gerber, F.W. Kiesel, and George W. Peltier.~

1912 September 12, Sacramento Union - BORN - GERBER - In this city, September 9, 1912, to the wife of Edward H. Gerber, a son.~

1916 February 18, Sacramento Union - WILL REMOVE BARBER BUILDINGS TO GERBER - Division Superintendent J. H. Dyer and Division Engineer W. H. Kirkbride are making a trip of inspection and stated the Southern Pacific had completed bridges over small creeks near Gerber and four tracks have been laid over them. Dyer said buildings at Barber, near Chico, purchased from the Diamond Match Company, would be utilized at Gerber.~

1916 August 12, 3rd Class post Office established as Gerber, Tehama County, California. Named for father William Emil Gerber and son, Edward H. Gerber who sold the acreage to the Southern Pacific Railroad Company. Located 2 1/2 miles NW of Tehama and 2 miles SE of Proberta. 

1916 August 12, Ola V. Eagan, First Postmaster.

1917 February 15, Miss Eagan married and became Ola V. Toleman, Postmaster.

1919 April 1, Violet A. Wilson, Postmaster.

1919 September 30, Red Bluff Daily News - E. J. Kirwin, special officer for the Southern Pacific Company at Gerber, is spending a couple of days in Red Bluff transacting business.~

1919 September 30, Red Bluff Daily News - Steve Stillwell is completing a fireproof garage at Gerber 100 x 150 feet in dimensions. The business is to be operated by Tom and Earl Stillwell, recently returned from the service of Uncle Sam.~

1919 November 19, William W. Ackerman, Postmaster.

1923 March 29, Mrs. Maude H. Parsons, Postmaster.

1927 February 4, San Diego Union - Sacramento, Cal - PLAN HOG-CALLING CONTEST - what is believed to be the first hog-calling contest in northern California is scheduled at Gerber, Tehama County, for Feb 16, with a silver loving cup and cash prizes offered the champion hog caller of the county, according to word received here today.

1936 April 22, Mrs. Lillie E. Chapman, Postmaster.

1951 June 30, Emmett J. Nickles, Postmaster.




See:  Henleyville > Gleasonville > Henleyville




Grove City

1858 June 30, Post Office established as Grove City, Tehama, California,  located about 6 miles southeast of Vina. No record of location in Post Office Department records. Currently Rowles Road in this vicinity that is sometimes referred to as Little Pine Creek.

David Rowles, first postmaster.

1861 May 8, Daniel Sill, Jr., Postmaster.

1864 August 25, Post Office discontinued and the service moved to Chico in Butte County, California.



Hall's Ranch

See: Tehama


Henleyville > Gleasonville > Henleyville

1873 May 20, 4th class post office established 11 miles northwest of Corning named Henleyville, Tehama, California. The name was for William N. Henley an early 1860's settler.

Charles G. Alexander was the first postmaster.

1878 May 8, James H. Proctor, Postmaster.

1878 December 5, The post office was discontinued. It then moved 2 1/2 miles west and changed the name to Gleasonville.

John Gleason, Postmaster.

1878 December 5, 4th Class Post Office established as Gleasonville, Tehama county, California, located 9 miles northwest of Corning. Named for John Gleason, the first postmaster. The post office was relocated from Henleyville by moving it 2 1/2 miles west and renaming it Gleasonville.

1880 February 26San Francisco Bulletin- Henleyville, Tehama County, once a thriving village, has, according to the Red Bluff Sentinel, become deserted, only two houses being left there.~

1880 September 10, the Gleasonville Post Office was discontinued and moved 2 1/2 miles east to become Henleyville.

1880 September 10, Post Office re-established back at Henleyville with Samuel H. Redfield as postmaster.

1915 April 11, San Jose Mercury News -The Taxpayers League of Tehama County has decided on the following representatives for the election to be held on May 14 for the purpose of choosing 15 free-holders to draw up a charter. . . .Oscar Houghton, Henleyville.

1925 June 10, Effie E. Schuchart, Postmaster.

1934 December 17, Mrs. Eloise Mason, Postmaster.

1936 November 30, Post Office discontinued and service moved to Corning.



1885 November 20, 4th Class Post Office established as Hooker, Tehama, California, located 7 miles south of Cottonwood and 10 miles north of Red Bluff. Named for J.M. Hooker, an 1852 settler.

Thomas S. Wilkinson, First Postmaster.

1887 April 2, P O discontinued.

1889 May 31, Post Office re-established with Olive R. Bosworth as Postmaster.

1889 November 7, William H. Adams, Postmaster.

1890 May 10, Sadie F. Keefe, Postmaster.

1891 January 21,  Mrs. Eliza R. Foster, Postmaster.

1892 March 12, William H. Adams, Postmaster.

1893 April 10, Alice L. Goff, Postmaster.

1893 August 4, Laura Anderson, Postmaster.

1893 September 21, Miss Etta Gwinn, Postmaster.

1893 November 13, Cyrus M. Carey, Postmaster.

1895 January 17, William N. Wade, Postmaster.

1900 July 13, Kate F. Salnave, Postmaster.

1900 November 20, Catherine A. Saffell, Postmaster.

1902 August 28, Jessie L. Robison, Postmaster.

1903 May 28, Willie H. Woodrum, Postmaster.

1928 October 31, P O discontinued and the service moved to Red Bluff.



1888 October 2, 4th Class Post Office established as Hunters, Tehama County, California located 20 miles west of Red Bluff per the Postal Route Map. Named for the operator of a boat landing on the South Fork of Cottonwood Creek.

Peter K. Shively, first postmaster.

1891 July 18, William F. Johnson, Postmaster.

1899 December 5, Mrs. Josephine Hamel, Postmaster.

1900 January 27, Post Office moved 1 mile west.

1914 January 17, Ellen M. McCausland, Postmaster.

1930 October 15, Post Office discontinued. and the service moved to Red Bluff.

See also:  Wagon Wheels, Journal of the Colusi County Historical Society, Spring 2008, Volume 58, Number 1, Page 52.


Jelly & Jelly's Ferry

1822, Andrew Jelly born 17 June 1822, in Stuebenville, Jefferson, Ohio.

1852, Andrew Jelly filed "Squatters Rights" to part of Benitz' Breisgau Grant along the Sacramento River just south of Battle Creek. Finally he was able to buy several 160 acre parcels from the State of California with Mexican War script and cash purchase.

1856, Andrew Jelly built a two-story brick house to serve as ranch headquarters, as well as stage stop and hotel for travelers.

1857, Andrew Jelly built and operated a ferry across the Sacramento River on his property and operated it as a toll ferry until 1890 when the county of Tehama took over.

1857, Jelly's Ferry, a toll ferry was established in 1857, across the Sacramento River by Andrew Jelly and continued service by him until 1890. The County of Tehama then operated the ferry service until 1950 when the steel bridge was built. This was the California Stage Company route through Jelly's property.~

1860 May 9, Red Bluff Beacon - WILL SOON START - We learn that Andrew Jelly will get his new ferry to running in about five days. It is located on the road from Blue Tent to Shingletown by the way of Battle Creek Mills. That portion of the road between Blue Tent and the new ferry has lately been put in thorough repair, and is now equally as good as the road to Shasta. The distance from Red bluff to Shingletown, by Jelly's Ferry, is only twenty-six miles. The opening of this way, will be of immense advantage both to the Yreka teamsters and those hauling lumber from McComber's, Klotz's and Smith's mills.~

1860 May 11, Sacramento Daily Union - NEW FERRY - A new ferry has been established by Andrew Jelly on the road from Red Bluff to Shingletown, via Blue Tent and Battle Creek mills. The Beacon says the distance from Red Bluff to Shingletown, by this ferry, is 26 miles, and that the opening of this way will be of immense advantage both to the Yreka teamsters and those hauling lumber from McCumber, Klotz's and Smith's mills.~

1865, Andrew Frank Lee Jelly, "Frank" born to Andrew Jelly and wife.

1875 June 28, Evening Post (San Francisco, California)- Tehama Delegates:  J.N. Montgomery, Dr. W.P. Matthews, A. Jelly, and E.J.C. Lewis.~

1887 August 6, Andrew Jelly died in Tehama County, California.

1899 August 19, Searchlight (Redding, California) - Jason Silva was thrown from a load of straw which he was hauling to his home near Jelly's Ferry Wednesday and died that evening from a concussion of the brain.~

1899 November 7, Searchlight (Redding, Caifornia) - William Lanham came up from Jelly's Ferry on Sunday to spend the day with his sister, Mrs. T.R. Laffoon.~

1901 April 29, 4th class post office established as Jelly, Tehama, California at the site along the Sacramento River where Andrew Jelly operated a ferryboat. Named for Frank Lee Jelly, the first postmaster. Located 18 miles north of Red Bluff per the Postal Route Map.

1901 April 29, Frank L. Jelly, First Postmaster.

1907 December 24, Albert T. Bacon, Postmaster.

1916 January 15, Emma M. Bacon, Postmaster.

1923 September 18, Knut K. Torrison, Postmaster.

1934 February 28, P O discontinued and the service moved to Red Bluff.

1958, Andrew Frank Lee Jelly (aka Frank L. Jelly) died in Tehama County, California.




1886 January 6, 4th Class Post Office established 6 miles (Rail Road) south of Corning. The farming area received attention when the railroad came through from Willows to Tehama and a station was built called Kirkwood in honor of the 1881 appointed Secretary of the Interior, Samuel Jordan Kirkwood (1813-1894) of Iowa. 

William Wallace Watkins, an early area landowner, was the first Postmaster.~

1886, "The Kirkwood post office was opened in the south end of the scale house in 1886 with W.W. Watkins as postmaster. Over a period of many years the post office was moved four times before ending up in the private residence of Mr. and Mrs. Zimmerman, where it closed in 1953. Other postmasters included Charles S. Walsh, LeRoy Ernstine, James W. Searles, William Litzenberg, Henry A. Walker, Hattie E. Hollis, Lucy E. Hollis, Minnie A. Chesbro and Ruth Zimmerman." - Tehama County 1856-2006, 150 Years of Photos and History published by the Tehama County Genealogical and Historical Society, 2007. ~

 1887 July 5, Charles S. Walsh, Postmaster.

1888 October 6, LeRoy Ernstine, Postmaster.

1891 November 19, James W. Searls (Searles), Postmaster.

1893 April 29, Red Bluff Daily News (from Corning Observer) Mr. S.A. Hammans, Superintendent of the Hammans Colony was in town on Tuesday. He says the trees planted on the different tracts look lovely.~

1894 December 29, William Litzenberg, Postmaster.

1895 July 3, Henry A. Walker, Postmaster.

1897 May 18, William D. Locey, Postmaster.

1897 September 16, LeRoy Ernstine, Postmaster.

1899 March 1, Mary E. Ernstine, Postmaster.

1901 November 18, Sarah E. Lyon, Postmaster.

1910 December 9Red Bluff News - WELL KNOWN SHEEP MAN DIES AT HOME NEAR KIRKWOOD - The remains of Stephen A. Hammans were brought to Red Bluff Monday from his late home near Kirkwood and laid to rest in Oak Hill Cemetery. Mr. Hammans died Saturday night after being in poor health for more than two years. He was born in 1864 and is survived by a wife and seven children. Mr. Hammans was engaged extensively in the sheep business. He was a brother of A. J. Hammans, the well known real estate agent of Red Bluff.~

1911 December 27, Hattie E. Hollis, Postmaster.

1921 December 15, Lucy E. Hollis, Postmaster.

1925 February 6, Mrs. Minnie A. Chesebro, Postmaster.

1930 January 31, Mrs. Ruth L. Beauchamp, Postmaster.

1935 November 14, Mrs. Ruth L. Zimmerman, Postmaster.

1953 August 31, P O discontinued and the service moved to Corning.

See also:  Wagon Wheels, Journal of the Colusi County Historical Society, Fall 2004.




Las Flores

1921 April 13, 4th Class Post Office established as Las Flores, Tehama County, California located 1 1/2 miles north of Gerber. A Spanish language name meaning "the flowers", and taken from William B. Chard's 1844 Mexican Land Grant called:  Rancho de Las Flores, land of the flowers The Chard log hopuse was built at this site when he first occupied his land.

Ashley E. Stevens, First postmaster.

1922 May 29, Pearl M. Sherwood, Postmaster.

1924 September 25, Miss Edna A. Early, Postmaster.

1924 Decembver 31, Post Office discontinued and the service moved to Gerber.


Lassen's, Lassen's Ranch, Lassen

See also: Rancho Borquejo under Mexican Land Grants & Lassen's, Butte County, California

1848 October 27, Lassen's Ranch - The first wagon train to cross from Oregon Territory to California has successfully arrived in the Sacramento Valley. Party members, led by Peter H. Burnett, are resting today on the ranch of Peter Lassen before proceeding to the gold fields.~

1851 July 29, LASSEN (LASSEN'S) - Post Office established 29 July 1851, according to Daily Alta California Newspaper in Butte County and in Tehama county with boundary change of 1864. 's dropped 15 April 1870 when post office re-established. Lassen then discontinued 26 August 1872 when the mail service moved to Vina. Named for Peter Lassen the site was also known as Deer Creek Station (without a post office) located 8 miles SE of Tehama. Charles W. Pomeroy first Postmaster.~

1851 October 7, Charles W. Pomeroy, Postmaster.

1852 July 9, San Francisco Evening Journal (San Francisco, California) - A large flouring mill is to be erected in the course of the present year on Deer Creek, Butte County [Tehama County didn't exist until 1856], about 7 miles east of Tehama.~

1853 January 21, Sacramento Daily Union, Lassen's, (Butte County), C.W. Pomeroy, Postmaster.

1854 February 4, William P. Mayhew, Postmaster.~

1854 - William P. Mayhew is serving as Postmaster at Lassen's Ranch.~

1861 February - Married - At Lassen's, on horseback, in the stage road leading from Red Bluff to Marysville, on the evening of the 16th, by Geo. W. Kelly, Esq., Mr. William A. Montgomery to Miss Louise Long, both of Butte county. The affair came off about 9 o'clock.~



1896 July 2, 4th Class Post Office establsihed as Lena, Tehama County, California located 8 miles northwest of Lyonsbille and 28 miles east of Red Bluff.

John M. Wilson, First Postmaster.

1897 June 15, Post Office discontinued and the service moved to Lyonsville.


Los Molinos 

1905 December 27, 2nd class post office established 7 miles north of Vina and 2 miles east of Tehama. The name stems from the Rio de los Molinos Rancho (River of the Mills Ranch) an 1844 land grant. A flour mill was built at the site.~

William C. Davis, First Postmaster.

"After William C. Davis came John M. Rankin, George Tomb, Perry J. Newton, William M. Jones, William J. Davis, Edwin A. McDaniel, appointed January 1914, reappointed 1918. Ira B. Jones is now serving. - per L.L. McCoy in Tehama County Memories 1997."

1908 February 1, John M. Rankin, Postmaster.

1908 October 30, George L. Tomb, Postmaster.

1909 July 19, Perry J. Newton, Postmaster.

1909 December 14, William M. Jones, Postmaster.

1910 September 15, William J. Davis, Postmaster.

1912 July 21, San Jose Mercury News- The irrigation system for Los Molinos, Tehama County, is nearing completion. Distributing flumes and service ditches are now being finished and water will soon be available for the whole tract.~

1914 January 27, Edwin A. McDaniel, Postmaster.

1921 - Los Molinos Cemetery - First Burial 1921-

McFarlin-Wheelock Family buried here: GAITHER, Lee (1890-1975) husband of Viola Charlotte Wheelock Gaither (1904 - 1989); Alta M. Gaither (1925-1979); MC FARLIN, Andrew Jackson (1861-1946); Marietta Wheelock McFarlin (1866-1965) wife of Andrew J.; WHEELOCK, Frederick J. (1875-1956); Lottie S. Wheelock (1876-1962) wife of Fred. J. Wheelock; WHEELOCK, Leander A. (1908-1989) husband of Maggie Wheelock (no dates); WHEELOCK, Frederick Charles (1906-1984).

1924 January 9, Ira B. Jones, Postmaster.

1936 April 22, Claude T. Gadwood, Postmaster.

1961 November 30, Mrs. Hanna McDowell, Postmaster.

1963 April 1, Louis L. Brunnemer, Postmaster.



Lowrey's > Lowrey

Also Lowery District. Spelling shown as Lowrey and/or Lowery on various records and maps.

1888 September 13, , Post Office established as Lowrey's, Tehama, California. Located 11 miles southwest of Redbank and named for George M. Lowrey, first postmaster and 1849 California settler. G. M. Lowrey raised livestock in the vicinity and also hauled freight to the Shasta mines. At one time he was a partner of Joseph Cone in a large sheep operation.

1898 April 5, "'s" dropped 5 April 1. Name from Lowrey's to Lowrey.

1898 April 5, George M. Lowrey, Postmaster.

1906 April 6, Post Office moved 1 mile south. Omar B. Wheeler, Postmaster.

1909 October 19,  Post Office then moved 1 mile north. Benjamin Lowrey, Postmaster.

1911 June 29, Lizzie M. Black, Postmaster.

1913 July 22, Grace E. Lowrey, Postmaster.

1915 March 25, Ida Belle Davis, Postmaster.

1916 February 23, Mary A. Duncan, Postmaster.

1917 October 25, The P O was discontinued when the service moved to Redbank. 



1883 January 15, 4th Class Post Office establsihed as Lyonsville, Tehama County, California located 35 miles northeast of Red Bluff per the Postal Route Map.

F.M. Crawford,  First Postmaster.

1883 February 13, William H. Lyman, Postmaster.

1883 October 8, John Farr, Postmaster.

1884 January 2, John C. Turner, Postmaster.

1886 October 22, Belle Owen, Postmaster.

1889 June 11, Mrs. Belle Morton, Postmaster.

1889 August 20, John C. Hillhouse, Postmaster.

1909 March 26, Susan C. Hillhouse, Postmaster.

1913 March 5, Adolph E. Engebretsen, Postmaster.

1916 October 25, Coyle C. Turner, Postmaster.

1937 December 31, Post Office discontinued and the service moved to Paynes Creek.

See also:  Wagon Wheels, Journal of the Colusi County Historical Society, Fall 2009, Volume 59, Number 2, Page 52.




1895 July 2, 4th Class Post Office establsished as Macum, Tehama County, California, located 8 miles southwest of Manton and 22 miles northeast of Red Bluff per the Postal Route Map. The name honors a pioneer homesteader surname of Macom or Macum killed by Indians in 1850.

Thomas P. Hart, First Postmaster.

1896 November 20, Post Office moved 1 1/4 miles southeast.

1898 November 20, Walter K. Forward, Postmaster.

1905 January 27, Henry Hart, Postmaster.

1905 May 15, Post Office discontinued and service moved to Paynes Creek.



Known as the Blue Ridge Community or Sierra Township, the establishment of the post office gave the name "Manton" to the community nestled in the northeast corner of Tehama County along the Shasta County border.~

1889 October 19, The first Post Office was established in the Tehama county portion of Manton. It then moved into Shasta county on 11 August 1897 and back into Tehama County on 29 April 1898. Located 8 1/2 miles southeast of Shingletown.

William T. Hurtt, First Postmaster.~

1897 June 16, Henry E. Benner, Postmaster Tehama County.

1897 August 11, Henry E. Benner, Postmaster, Shasta County.

1898 April 29, P O moved Back to Tehama County.

1904 February 2,  Louis F. Mounts, Postmaster.

1907 February 10, San Jose Mercury News,  Manton, Tehama County, Feb 9 - Joseph P. Bailey, a pioneer of this place died last Friday from the effects of a stroke of paralysis. He was 87 years old. He made a request on his deathbed that no women be allowed to attend his funeral.~

1910 April 13, Alice Dines, Postmaster.

1916 March 28, Charlotte Observer, (Charlotte, North Carolina) Manton, Cal., Dispatch Sacramento Bee - SELLS HIS HIDDEN MONEY - Forgets $320, Which Goes to Buyer of Bin of Potatoes - W.A. Clelland, who recently sold his place to the Northern California Power Company near here, placed $320. in $20 gold pieces in a potato bin for safe keeping.

Forgetting about the money, he sold some potatoes. Later a search for the coin proved unsuccessful.

Clellend now thinks banks are a safer proposition than potato bins.~

1935 May 2, Henry I. Buszdieker, Postmaster.

1945 March 31, Mrs. Lavon C. King, Postmaster.

1948 June 23, Johnson B. Easley, Postmaster.

1956 January 16, Mrs. Verla I. Wright, Postmaster.



1892 May 27, 4th Class Post Office established as Manzanita, Tehama County, California, located 14 miles northwest of Red Bluff. Manzanita is of the Spanish language and means "little apple" which described the "berrries" of the manzanita bushes growing in the area.

Theodore G. Anderson, First Postmaster.

1896 May 30, Post Office discontinued and the service moved to Cottonwood.