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Bully Choop 

18 Mar 1890 - San Francisco Bulletin- The great Bully Choop, Trinity County mining case is on trial in the superior court at Red Bluff. It involves nearly $500,000.~

1915, Mines and Mineral Resources of Shasta County, Siskiyou County, Trinity County - Bully Choop Mine, in Secs 5, 8, 9 and 4, T 31 N, R 8 W in the Indian Creek Mining District, 16 miles southeast of Douglas City.

Owner:  Bully Choop Gold Mining and Power Company of Atlanta, Georgia, J.F. Beck, president.

Comprises 588 acres of which 198 are patented. Length of pay shoot, 230 feet; width 6 feet; strike east and west; dip 40* S; walls quartz-porphyry; greatest depth, 320 feet; workings, several tunnels, longest being 1700 feet, several thousand feet of drifts, raises and stopes; ore, free milling, but becomes somewhat base as depth is obtained; water for power obtained from north and south forks of Indian Creek, through a 3-mile ditch. Equipment:  cars, dwellings, sawmill, electrical plant, telephone line (15 miles long), and 30-stamp mill driven by water and electrical power; has been a producer; some ore reserve in the mine. Idle at present.~

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