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Big Bar

1851 October 7,  3rd Class Post Office established prior to 7 October 1851 (Daily Alta California Newspaper of 29 July 1851 states it existed already). Discontinued 15 August 1872 and re-established 1 April 1948. Located on the Trinity River 22 miles west of Weaverville.~

1851 October 7, John T. Weaver, Postmaster.

1852 November 15, Sacramento Daily Union - Big Bar, Trinity County; John T. Weaver postmaster per published list.

1853 May 10, William Coddington, Postmaster.

1857, Daily Globe:  Post Office Big Bar - William Coddington, Postmaster.~

1859 March 31, Michael Whelan, Postmaster.

1861 August 12, San Francisco Bulletin- A telegram from Weaverville dated August 9th says: Oney Wheelwright, of Big Bar, Trinity County, was killed by the HayFork Indians yesterday, probably incited and led by the Trinity Indians. Wheelwright was alone, one of the hands employed having left for a few moments. Returning about 11 o'clock, he found the house sacked, bedding, clothing, etc. taken, and furniture destroyed. Another house near the mill, occupied by Wheelwright, had been sacked of everything of value, among which were three rifles and one shot gun. Wheelwright's body was found some distance from the house, with three or four stabs in his breast, one through his head, and a stab in the breast. It is thought there is a league between the Humboldt, Trinity and HayFork bands for the extermination of the whites.~

1865 February 16, John Sammons, Postmaster.

1867 April 9, Augustus Martin, Postmaster.

1868 May 29, O. M. Hennise, Postmaster.

1869 August 26, Alex J. Tinsley, Postmaster.

1874 June 19, William Willshire, Postmaster.

1885, Trinity County, California 1885 Directory- Big Bar - A post office and mining camp in the northwestern part of the county on the Trinity River and about 30 miles distant from Weaverville from which it receives its supplies - BUSH, Andrew J., 40 acres; GIBSON, G.R., Superintendent of Trinity Hydraulic Mining Company, 167 acres; TREAT, Orrin, Farmer/stock raiser, 40 acres; UNDERWOOD, T.M., School Teacher; WADLEIGH, M.N. Miss, School Teacher; WALDORFF, Jacob, Farmer; WALLACE, J.C., Miner, 40 acres.~

1891 September 19, William S. Pattison, Postmaster.

1908 June 20, E. M. Waldorff, Postmaster.

1908 November 24, George W. Tinsley, Postmaster.

1934 April 2, Mrs. Lena Isabelle Vaughn, Postmaster.

1935 July 6, Mrs. Elizabeth Tinsley, Postmaster.

1938 October 8, Mrs. Elizabeth Woodcock, Postmaster.

1942 May 8, Edward J. Reynolds, Postmaster.

1948 April 1, Mrs. Mina A. Avera, Postmaster.

1948 July 9, Harry L. Avera, Postmaster.

1954 February 2, Mrs. Charlotte P. Ethridge, Postmaster.

1969 January 16, Mrs. Wilda Nae Arbo, Postmaster.


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