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Tuesday, November 27, 2012 at 1:25PM
Jo Giessner

1858 October 18, 3rd class post office established. Discontinued 18 November 1863 only to be re-established 27 July 1870 and spelling changed to two words. P O moved 1 mile NW 31 October 1898. P O moved again on 29 September 1938 1 1/2 miles south. The name stems from two versions:  1. original site was an Indian rancheria and in 1849 miners burned it out or 2. In 1854 the Indians burned the location. Also known as "McWhorters" (no P O). The location became a supply center to the mines. Located by the Trinity River, 33 miles W of Weaverville.

John K. Houk was the first postmaster.~

1860 January 13, James George, Postmaster.

1870 July 27, David Gray, Postmaster.

1874 November 16, R. L. Thomas, Postmaster.

1875 July 20, Patrick O. M. Hennessy, Postmaster.

1885 January 12, Mary A. Hennessy, Postmaster.

1885 December 14, Adam L. McWhorter, Postmaster.

1887 November 5, T.M. Underwood, Postmaster.

1890 January 28, William J. Nichols, Postmaster.

1894 August 8, James M. Spurr, Postmaster.

1897 December 11, Patrick O.M. Hennessy, Postmaster.

1902 March 12, Maria Hennessy, Postmaster.

1913 November 12, Sacramento Union, Nov 11, Washington D.C.:  California postmasters appointed:  Burnt Ranch, Trinity County, Maria Hennessey.

1914 June 19, Sacramento Union - MC DONALD GETS MAIL CONTRACT - James D. McDonald of Burnt Ranch has been awarded the contract for carrying first and second classs mail and fourth class of the perishable kind on Star Route No. 76562, or Burnt Ranch by way of Big Bar and Helena to Junction City. The service is three times a week and the price is $3000 per year.~

1925 September 1, Mrs. Arabella E. Carpenter, Postmaster.

1932 December 19, Mrs. Arabella E. Beerbower, Postmaster.

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