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1901 August 31, 4th Class Post Office established as Caution, Trinity, California located 10 1/2 miles southeast of Hoaglin per the 1917 Postal Route Map.

H. D. Willburn, First Postmaster.

1902 January 14, Anna Willburn, Postmaster.

1903 October 20, Post Office moved 2 1/2 miles northwest; Nancy J. Willburn, Postmaster.

1908 March 2, Mary L. Willburn, Postmaster.

1913 July 31, Post Office discontinued.

1915 January 8, Post Office re-established with Minnie L. Willburn, Postmaster.

1916 February 14, Nancy A. Duncan, Postmaster.

1918 September 13, Lulu F. Willburn, Postmaster.

1920 November 24, Ivo H. Hussey, Postmaster.

1921 October 31, Thomas J. Duncan, Postmaster.

1924 September 13, Miss Carrie Willburn, Postmaster.

1926 March 9, Nancy Duncan, Postmaster.

1933 November 25, Mrs. Irene Willburn, Postmaster.

1938 July 15, Post Office discontinued and the service moved to Lake Mountain.

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