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"Trinity County"

1853 January 21, Sacramento Daily Union - Post Offices in California - Corrected to December 1, 1852 - Trinity County: Big Bar, Trinity, John T. Weaver, Postmaster; Bucksport, Trinity, Jonathan Clark, Postmaster; Mendocino, Trinity, L.W. Fish, Postmaster; Uniontown, Trinity, A.H. Murdock, Postmaster; Weaverville, Trinity, G.B. Winston, Postmaster.~

1854 July 15, "A Chinese Battle in California" took place near Weaverville between the Canton and Hong Kong groups residing in Trinity County.

1855 January 26, Daily Democratic State Journal (Sacramento, California) - Postmaster/Offices as of the 15th Day April 1854:  Eureka, Trinity, H. W. Bean; Mendocino, Trinity, L. W. Fish; Uniontown, Trinity, A. H. Murdoch; Weaverville, Trinity, James Barry.~

1857 July 26, Daily Globe - Post Offices in Trinity County as of this date:  Big Bar, William Coddington, Postmaster; Lewiston, C. Wood, Postmaster; Trinity, C. Lee, Postmaster; Trinity Centre, M. Chadbourne, Postmaster; Weaverville, James Barry, Postmaster.~

1858 February 13San Joaquin Republican, The Trinity Journal says it has information that a party of 75 or 100 persons will leave that and the adjoining counties, about the 20th of March, for the Colorado. They are to start from Stockton on the first day of April for the gold mines above the mouth of Virgin River. Persons desirous of information on the subject can apply to John B. Mallett of Bald Hills or Ben Anderson of Shasta.~

1858 November 11, San Francisco Bulletin via Trinity Journal- Delos J. Howe makes the following statement of the school census of Trinity county. Total number of children, all ages, 232; school children, from 4-18, 100; children under 4, 132; girls, from 4-18, 75; boys, from 4-18, 85; orphans, 3; children born in California, 149; families with children, 150.~

1859, State Register and Year Book of Facts, California, 1859 - The post offices in Trinity County were:  Big Bar, Canon City, Lewiston, Minersville, Trinity, Trinity Centre, and Weaverville.~

1891 July 3, Born to Moses Philpot and wife, a son, Liberty Philpot.

1894 December 12, Born to Moses Philpot and wife, a daughter, Pearl Philpot.

1895 Feb 29, Born to Don Noble and wife, a son, Leonard Noble.

1897 August 6, Born to Don Noble and wife, a daughter, Maude Noble.

1903 July 2, The Free Press, Redding, Cal. - The deep snow on the Salmon River or Caribou Mountains in Trinity County is causing bear, deer, and other large game to frequent the lower altitudes, to the great discomfort of miners and others living in the neighborhood of that mountain range.

Tuesday evening at the supper hour a mammoth panther strolled leisurely into the boarding house at the Strode Mine and struck terror to the hearts of the inmates. There was a general stampede and the animal had sole possession for a time. Finally a couple of dogs caught scent of the panther and made an attack upon him. There was an interesting fight for a few minutes, when the panther turned tail and escaped into the woods.

The same day while George L. Carr's folks were going over Trinity Mountain they encountered two large cinnamon bears in the road on the divide. At first the bears seemed inclined to maintain their possession of the right of way and make the Carrs go 'round. They thought better of the matter, however, and scampered off into the woods. There is plenty of deer in the foothills and mountains and small game in abundance.~

1904 December 7, Married - Rudolph H. Junkans and Agnes Helen Weinheimer.

1909 August 18, Oregonian - Thomas McDonald, a well-known mining man and capitalist, has won the distinction of ridding Trinity County of the terror of the ranges, by killing what is undoubtedly the biggest grizzly ever seen in the northern part of the state. The monster beast, weighing close to 1000 pounds, has for years been striking terror to the hearts of the residents of Salmon River range, killing sheep, and making other depredations.

McDonald, who is an expert rifle shot, undertook to rid the county of the nuisance and has accomplished his task. After a short though fierce struggle, the bear was killed and McDonald now has trophies of the chase in the way of the biggest bearskin ever seen in this region, and has been voted a resolution of thanks by the residents of the section the bear had terrorized.~

1914 January 12, Married - Elmer Clair Crews and Alice Vaughn.

1915- Trinity County was comprised of eleven or more mining districts:  Canyon Creek; Coffee Creek; Deadwood; East Fork (Trinity River); Minersville; Stewart's Fork [Stuart Fork]; Trinity Center; New River; Indian Creek; North Fork; Lewiston~

1946 January 29, Married - George B. Fisk and Betty Bryan.

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