1891 May 4, 4th Class post Office established as  Dedrick, Trinity, California, located on Canyon Creek 12 miles north of Junction City per Postal Route Map. The location was a supply center for the area mines and also the site of several ore procerssing mills.

John M. Tompkins, First Postmaster.

1893 April 10, Matilda Gribble, Postmaster.

1897 September 22, Mrs. Mary Bartlett, Postmaster.

1897 December 11, Alice Bailey, Postmaster.

1899 July 1, Mrs. Susan Gribble, Postmaster.

1904 January 15, John W. Shuford, Postmaster.

1906 October 13, Thomas S. Thomsen, Postmaster.

1912 July 13, Sylvester E. Goldsbey, Postmaster.

1913 March 20, Anna Stofer, Postmaster

1914 August 5, Kathleen Morris, Postmaster.

1918 March 20, Nicholas F. Ourth, Postmaster.

1935 December 12, Mrs. Beryl E. Gates, Postmaster.

1941 December 31, Post Office discontinued and the service moved to Junction City.



Del Loma

See also:  Taylors Flat

1928 March 1, 4th Class Post Office established as Del Loma, Trinity, California located on the J. King place, 6 miles northwest of Big Bar. Supposedly meant to be Spanish term de la Loma " of the hill."

Mrs. Glennette King, First Postmaster.

1937 June 19, Thomas R. Armstrong, Postmaster.

1938 April 21, Mrs. Ella M. Bullis, Postmaster.

1940 October 22, Mrs. Anna C. Smith, Postmaster.

1942 May 8, Mrs. Bessie Carter, Postmaster.

1942 October 7, Mrs. Mary E. Armstrong, Postmaster.

1944 April 18, Mrs. Gertrude Corinne DeHart, Postmaster.

1946 November 30, Mrs. Ruby L. Fisher, Postmaster.

1947 November 30, Mrs. Marjorie L. Caruthers, Postmaster.

1948 June 16, Walter E. Parker, Postmaster.

1952 June 30, Mrs. Armada L. Keefauver, Postmaster.

1952 November 6, Mrs. Elsie N. Crowell, Postmaster.

1953 July 31, Post Office discontinued and service moved to Big Bar.



AKA:   New River (No PO).

1890 October 3, Post Office established as Denny, Trinity, California, located on New River 44 miles northeast of Burnt Ranch per the Postal Route Map. Named after Denny Bar. Was a gold mining camp.

George W.B. Yocom, First Postmaster.

1895 January 17, Thomas B. Markham, Postmaster.

1897 January 15, Ellen E. Ladd, Postmaster.

1920 original site abandoned and P O moved 20 miles south to former site of Quinby Post Office.

1922 May 9, Frank J. Ladd, Postmaster.

1932 March 18, Miss Clara M. Moore, Postmaster.

1953 June 1, Mrs. Ann Dunlap, Postmaster.

1961 January 18, Hazel M. Maasen, Postmaster.

1965 December 3, Changed from 4th Class Post Office to Rural Station of Burnt Ranch.





See:  Abrams>Dorleska


Douglas City

1859 December 23, 3rd Class Post Office established as Douglas City, Trinity, California in honor of Stephen A. Douglas, U.S. Senator, Illinois. Located 7 miles south of Weaverville. The site was first known as Reading's Bar in honor of Pierson B. Reading who found gold here in 1848.

Daniel (or David) S. Rockwell, First Postmaster.

1862 March 24, Edward A. Kilton, Postmaster.

1867 December 10, John J. Kellogg, Postmaster.

1870 March 8, Amos O. Marshall, Poatmaster.

1885 April 2, San Francisco Bulletin - Douglas City is on the Trinity river, about 6 miles south of Weaverville. It lies in a good mining section, and has the appearance of a wide-awake camp.~

1905 June 14, Stephen I. Thayer, Postmaster.

1915 February 24, Stephen T. Spratt, Postmaster.

1924 February 16, Mrs. Elonia L. Herrick, Postmaster.

1926 April 8, Mrs. Amy V. Jordan, Postmaster.

1935 May 31, Mrs. Opal E. Row, Postmaster.

1936 October 25, Robert C. Marshall, Postmaster.

1951 October 31, Mrs. Dovie P. Vines, Postmaster.

1952 October 10, Mrs. Vada M. Davison, Postmaster.

1959 July 16, Alberta F. Kinne, Postmaster.

1962 Sepember 14, Mrs. Elvery F. Lott, Postmaster.

1970 March 8, Amos S. Marshall, Postmaster.


Fawn Lodge


Five Pines


Forest Glen








Hay Fork > Hayfork

AKA:   Kingsberry (1851); also, Hay Town (no post offices).

1861 February 13, 2nd Class Post Office established as Hay Fork, Trinity, California, located 18 miles southwest of Douglas City.

Site located on the Hayfork Branch of the Trinity River and the adjoining meadow was hay growing land.

Beriah M. George, First Postmaster.

1863 April 20, Post Office discontinued.

1873 January 27, Adam D. Bayles, Postmaster.

1878 January 27, Post Office re-established.

1895 January 17, Hay Fork changed to one word, HAYFORK.

Thomas J. Montgomery, Postmaster.

1898 February, John H. Vanderhoff, Postmaster.

1912 December 28, Charles R. Sanburn, Postmaster.

1915 June 23, William A. Hardy, Postmaster.

1919 October 25, Della M. Blake, Postmaster.

1922 December 28, Jesse J. Taylor, Postmaster.

1923 February 10, Jesse J. Taylor, Postmaster.

1937 August 23, Thomas J. Montgomery, Postmaster.

1938 January 28, Miss Frieda C. Albiez, Postmaster.

1945 November 8, Miss Frieda C. Albiez, Postmaster.

1966 September 14, Bernice D. Wycroff, Postmaster.



AKA:  Bagdad; The Cove ( no post offices)

1891 September 14, 4th Class Post Office established as Helena, Trinity, California, located 19 miles northwest of Weaverville per the Postal Route Map. The site is and was called North Fork, but was not accepted by the Post Office Department. Therefore the name of Christian Meckel's wife, Helena J. Meckel, was submitted and approved. Ore mills were built here to serve the area mines.

Christian Meckel, First Postmaster.

1904 July 14, Helena J. Meckel, Postmaster.

1909 November 20, Henry L. Knowles, Postmaster.

1920 June 10, Sacramento Union - TO OPERATE TRINITY STAGE - W. A. Goetze Tuesday applied to the railroad commission for authority to establish an auto passenger and freight service between Weaverville, Junction City and Helena, Trinity County.~

1925 February 11, Harvey C. Stofer, Postmaster.

1938 April 20, Mrs. Anna V. Stofer, Postmaster.

1939 July 20, Mrs. Lorene D. Hardin, Postmaster.

1942 December 12, Mrs. Mabel M. Wolf, Postmaster.

1945 July 11, Mrs. Myrtle R. Darwin, Postmaster.

1953 June 11, Mrs. Emma A. Chandler, Postmaster.

1964 August 14, Independent Rural Station of Weaverville.

1966, Rural Branch of Weaverville.










Indian Creek

1885 April 2, San Francisco Bulletin - Indian Creek is an old quartz mining camp, situated on a creek of the same name, to the southwest of Trinity Center. A company is operating here and a mill has been erected. Tradition says that some very ricjh ore was found in this section in years gone by.~


Island > Irma > Island Mountain

1905 June 15, 4th Class post office established as Island, Humboldt, California, named for nearby Island Mountain located 22 miles southeast of Garberville.

John J. Morrison, first postmaster.

1906 September 24, Caroline Morrison, postmaster.

1907 August 7, Post Office discontinued, moved 1/2 mile into Trinity County, and name changed to Irma for Irma Morrison who made a 25 mile trip by horseback three times weekly to dispatch the mail.

Caroline Morrison, postmaster.

1911 October 26, San Francisco Call, CHANGE AT POSTOFFICE, IRMA, TRINITY COUNTY - Washington, Oct 25th - Caroline M. Robertson was today appointed postmaster at Irma, Trinity county, vice C. Morrison, married.~

1915 June 4, John C. Buster, postmaster.

1915 August 16, Irma Post Office discontinued and the name changed to Island Mountain, Trinity, California.

Florence Barber, Postmaster.

1916 October 31, Esther Duncan, Postmaster.

1925 February 14, Frank F. Carlile, Postmaster.

1927 May 13, Edgar J. Cooper, Postmaster.

1930 April 15, William A. Gretton, Postmaster.

1934 July 12, Mrs. Martha L. Chappell, Postmaster.

1941 November 13, Mrs. Martha L. Riemer, Postmaster.

1946 March 31, Lee W. Chappell, Postmaster.

1950 October 23, Mrs. Hazel G. Charlton, Postmaster.

1951 December 31, Mrs. Arnola Marie Hage, Postmaster.

1952 June 26, Mrs. Edith Mae Beagle, Postmaster.

1955 December 9, Mrs. Roanna M. Beagle, Postmaster.

1958 March 25, Emma F. Crew, Postmaster.

1959 November 19, Marie C. Charlton, Postmaster.

1960 May 13, Juanita L. Shockley, Postmaster.

1961 February 9, Mrs. Patricia J. Crew, Postmaster.

1961 July 8, Operated as a rural station of Willits, Mendocino County.

1964 June 1, Independent Rural Station.

1973 June 15, Discontinued and service moved to Garberville, Humboldt County.