Indian Creek

1885 April 2, San Francisco Bulletin - Indian Creek is an old quartz mining camp, situated on a creek of the same name, to the southwest of Trinity Center. A company is operating here and a mill has been erected. Tradition says that some very ricjh ore was found in this section in years gone by.~


Integral > Cinnabar > Integral

1893 March 3, 4th Class Post Office established as Integral, Trinity, California located 18 miles southwest of Leland, Shasta County.

Matthew H. MacIlwaine, First Postmaster for Integral.

1893 October 24, William J. Simpson, Integral Postmaster

1895 May 13,  4th Class Post Office established as Cinnabar, Trinity, California located 18 miles west of Castella, Shasta County. Named for the Cinnabar mines.

Joseph F. Cox, First Postmaster for Cinnabar.

1895 May 19, San Francisco Call, Washington D.C., May 18 - "The postoffice service from Leland to Integral, Trinity County, has been discontinued."

1895 May 31, Integral Post Office discontinued.

1895 June 13, San Francisco Call, Washington D. C. June 12 - "A postoffice was to-day established at Cinnabar, Trinity county, California; Joseph F. Cox, postmaster."

1895 September 7, John P. Stidger, Cinnabar Postmaster.

1897 June 7, Solomon Waterman, Cinnabar Postmaster.

1901 October 24, Cinnabar Post Office discontinued, moved 1 mile northeast and the name changed to Integral. Frank A. Mahon, Postmaster.

1901 November 15, Los Angeles Herald, MINING TOWN WIPED OUT - Redding, Nov 14 -Fire has almost entirely destroyed the little town of Cinnabar, Trinity county. Of the mining camp and plant nothing remains standing but the hoisting works, and they are damaged. The loss will approximate $75,000.

The fire occurred Tuesday morning. Meager news of it is given in a letter from Superintendent J. H. Porter. The blaze started from the furnace.

Cinnabar was built above the noted Altoona quicksilver mine.~

1901 November 21, San Francisco Call, Washington D.C., Nov 20 - Postoffice name changed - California, Cinnabar, Trinity county to Integral. Postmasters commissioned - California - Frank A. Mahon, Integral.~

1903 December 12, San Francisco Call, Washington D.C. Dec 11 - Post Office discontinued December 31:  California - Integral, Trinity County; mail to Castella.

1903 December 31, Integral Post Office discontinued and the service moved to Castella, Shasta County.






Island > Irma > Island Mountain

1905 June 15, 4th Class post office established as Island, Humboldt, California, named for nearby Island Mountain located 22 miles southeast of Garberville.

John J. Morrison, first postmaster.

1906 September 24, Caroline Morrison, postmaster.

1907 August 7, Post Office discontinued, moved 1/2 mile into Trinity County, and name changed to Irma for Irma Morrison who made a 25 mile trip by horseback three times weekly to dispatch the mail.

Caroline Morrison, postmaster.

1911 October 26, San Francisco Call, CHANGE AT POSTOFFICE, IRMA, TRINITY COUNTY - Washington, Oct 25th - Caroline M. Robertson was today appointed postmaster at Irma, Trinity county, vice C. Morrison, married.~

1915 June 4, John C. Buster, postmaster.

1915 August 16, Irma Post Office discontinued and the name changed to Island Mountain, Trinity, California.

Florence Barber, Postmaster.

1916 October 31, Esther Duncan, Postmaster.

1925 February 14, Frank F. Carlile, Postmaster.

1927 May 13, Edgar J. Cooper, Postmaster.

1930 April 15, William A. Gretton, Postmaster.

1934 July 12, Mrs. Martha L. Chappell, Postmaster.

1941 November 13, Mrs. Martha L. Riemer, Postmaster.

1946 March 31, Lee W. Chappell, Postmaster.

1950 October 23, Mrs. Hazel G. Charlton, Postmaster.

1951 December 31, Mrs. Arnola Marie Hage, Postmaster.

1952 June 26, Mrs. Edith Mae Beagle, Postmaster.

1955 December 9, Mrs. Roanna M. Beagle, Postmaster.

1958 March 25, Emma F. Crew, Postmaster.

1959 November 19, Marie C. Charlton, Postmaster.

1960 May 13, Juanita L. Shockley, Postmaster.

1961 February 9, Mrs. Patricia J. Crew, Postmaster.

1961 July 8, Operated as a rural station of Willits, Mendocino County.

1964 June 1, Independent Rural Station.

1973 June 15, Discontinued and service moved to Garberville, Humboldt County.



Junction City

See:  Milltown > Messerville > Junction City




La Grange Mine

No. 778 on California Historical Landmarks in Trinity County:  La Grange Mine Hydraulic. "This mine, originally known as the Oregon Mountain Group of Claims, first operated about 1862. In 1892 the mine was purchased by the La Grange Hydraulic Gold Mining Company, which brought water from Stuart's Fork through 29 miles of ditch, tunnels, and flume to deliver it to the mine pit under a 650-foot head. Over 100,000,000 yards of gravel were processed to produce $3,500,000 in gold. Large-scale operations ceased in 1918." -

Location:  State Highway 299 (P.M. 478), 4 miles west of Weaverville

1888 September 3, San Francisco Bulletin - The Ward mine, four miles west of Weaverville, is the largest placer mine in Trinity County. The only drawback is the lack of water during a great portion of the year. The mine has always paid $500. a day and over when worked.

1915, The La Grange formerly known as the Ward and Trinity, is the largest hydraulic mine in the world in active operation. (to be continued)


Lake Mountain

1878 April 18, 4th Class Lake Mountain, Trinity, California Post Office established located 14 miles south of Hoaglin and 25 miles north of Covelo. The name was derived from the Lake Mountain Ranch.

W.J. Ferguson, First Postmaster.

1878 April 22, San Francisco Bulletin, Pacific Coast Postal Changes - Postoffices Established - Lake Mountain, Trinity county, W.J. Ferguson, Postmaster.

1878 May 24, P O discontinued.

1909 August 3, Post Office re-established. Frances A. Meyer, Postmaster.

1917 August 31, P O discontinued.

1920 April 28, P O re-established. David M. Winterwood, Postmaster.

1923 February 15, P O discontinued.

1936 April 16, Mrs. Leona B. Miller, Postmaster.

1936 September 1, Post Office -re-established as P O moved from Hoaglin.

1953 July 31, P O discontinued and the service moved to Covelo in Mendocino County.




1854 May 24, 3rd Class Post Office established as Lewiston, Trinity, California. Post Office discontinued 28 December 1854 and re-established 19 February 1855. Located 13 miles SE of Weaverville, the gold mining center turned lumbering town and then vacation/resort area was named for B. F. Lewis, an early settler.

William Lewis was the first Postmaster. 

1857, Daily Globe:  P O  Lewiston - C. Wood~

1859, James Hoadley, postmaster

1862 April 22, Marysville Daily Appeal - TOWN BURNED IN TRINITY COUNTY - SHASTA, April 21 - The town of Lewiston, Trinity county, was destroyed by fire yesterday morning. It originated in Phillips' Hotel.~

1873 June 16, San Francisco Bulletin - POSTAL CHANGES ORDERED THE PAST WEEK - Postmasters Appointed:  At Lewiston, Trinity county, California, Hiram Hays...

1876 April 3, Sacramento Daily Union - Postal Changes on the Pacific Coast - Washington, April 2d - Postmasters Appointed:  William Watson, Lewiston, Trinity county, California.

1885 April 2, San Francisco Bulletin - The town of Lewiston lies on the Trinity river, about nine or ten miles east from Weaverville. A store, hotel and saloon make up the town, which lives chiefly on the reputation of its past. Few of its residents claim much for its present and none are so sanguine as to predicate anything special for its future. Deadwood Quartz District is in the neighborhood, where mills have been erected, and it is said some rich quartz has been found. No work to speak of is now being prosecuted. A bridge crosses the Trinity river at this point.~




Lowden's Ranch


Mad River






Milltown > Messerville > Junction City

AKA Milltown (no post office)

1860 April 2, Post Office established as Messerville, Trinity, California located at the junction of Canon (Canyon)  Creek and Trinity River, or Oregon Gulch area.

Andrew J. Felter, first postmaster.

1861 August 19, Messerville Post Office discontinued and the name changed to Junction City.

1861 August 19, A 3rd Class Post Office established as Junction City, Trinity, California located at the junction of Canon (Canyon) Creek and Trinity River, 8 miles west of Weaverville.

William S. Moore, first postmaster.

1863 February 27, Henry S. Martin, Postmaster.

1863 April 10, Sacramento Daily Union - The following Postmasters have been appointed:  H. S. Martin, Junction City, Trinity county.~

1867 September 30, Alexander Stiller, Postmaster.

1868 April 13, Asa Taylor, Postmaster.

1869 August 13, Christian W. Craig, Postmaster.

1870 August 22, Gustav Thede, Postmaster.

1873 February 21, Miss Fidelia a. Stone, Postmaster.

1874 October 26, Charles W. Day, Postmaster.

1885 April 2, San Francisco Bulletin - Junction City lies west and south of Weaverville about nine miles. Here are two stores and a hotel. Some produce is raised in the near vicinity of the town. The Hay fork branch of Trinity river passes near the town site, and considerable mining is prosecuted on its banks and bars. At this point there is insufficient supply of water for hydraulic mining. On some of the bar claims very good pay is obtained. North Fork and Cox' Bar, lying within a distance of about eighteen miles south of Junction City, are both good mining camps and rich claims are being worked, some of them quite extensively.~

1887 February 16, Edgar Reed, Postmaster.

1898 May 2, George Gribble, Postmaster.

1903 March 24, Richard Gribble, Postmaster.

1908 January 15, Sacramento Union - CHINESE MURDERED - Redding, Jan 14 - Mun Lo, a Chinese gardener living one mile and a half from Junction City, Trinity county, was found dead this afternoon in his doorway, his clothes stripped from him and his body cut in pieces. It is almost an exact repetition of a Chinese murder in Trinity county four months ago at Cox Bar.~

1908 August 8, Inez W. Reed, Postmaster.

1909 June 30, Frederick C. Meckel, Postmaster.

1910 August 23, San Francisco Call - TRINITY COUNTY NOW CLAIMS OLDEST VOTER - Redding,  Aug.22 - Shasta County having laid claim to having the oldest voter in Charles Camden, age 93. Trinity county goes one better by putting forward Rollin Smith, who registered at the age of 95. Smith lives in Junction City.~

1914 October 27, Sacramento Union - AWARD TRINITY MAIL CONTRACTS - Two Trinity county mail contracts have been let, first to Richard Gribble of this place, who will carry to Big Bar, Helena and Burnt Ranch, forty five miles, and second to John B. Conner of Lewiston, who will carry between that place and Minersville, distance of twenty miles.~

1924 September 30, Mrs. Edna M. Meckel, Postmaster.

1927 February 14, James E. Givens, Postmaster.

1927 December 7, Mrs. Iris W. Wilson (Iris W. Kunkler), Postmaster.

1931 June 30, Mrs. Iris W Kunkle (Kunkler?), Postmaster.

1934 August 21, Mrs. Adelaide T. Orrell, Postmaster.

1940 June 15, Mrs. Adelaide T. Orrell, Postmaster.

1949 November 30, Mrs. Catherine I. Carr, Postmaster.

1951 April 3, Mrs. catherine I. Carr, Postmaster.





1856 April 23, 4th Class Post Office established as Minersville, Trinity County, CaliforniaDiscontinued 12 December 1864, then re-established 24 June 1874. Moved 2 miles NE on 21 May 1901 and discontinued forever on 30 April 1954 when the service was moved to Lewiston. The mining camp post office locations varied until the site was covered by Clair Engle Lake. Site once known as Diggersville (without a post office). Samuel A. White was the first Postmaster and J. Bates was serving in 1859.~

1874 June 29, San Francisco Bulletin - Washington, June 25- The following postal changes have been ordered:  At Minersville, Trinity County, Cal., Fordyce Bates, Postmaster.~







1900 January 20, 4th Class Post Office established 6 1/2 miles south of Hayfork. The community name of Salt Creek had been turned down by the U.S. Postal Department. The Weaverville postmaster at the time, was eating a bag of peanuts and in jest suggested "Peanut." The name was accepted.

Richard W. Cuff, first Postmaster.

1833 August 15, Peanut Post Office discontinued and the service moved to Hayfork.



See:  Burris > Quinby