A Tuttle Gulch Cemetery List
Tuesday, December 7, 2010 at 1:23PM
Jo Giessner

Tuttle Gulch Cemetery - historic cemetery used by the Indian and White population. Some of the Native American individuals buried in the cemetery include members of the Kell family and  Drew family.

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Aubrey, (Awbrey) Mollie

Beall, Catherine V Kincard

Beall, Thomas Edmundson

Bouquet, Fredrick

Boyd, Blanche Mabel Wright (Wife of Robert Enoch Boyd)

Boyd, Charles

Boyd, Nettie Grace Fitz Henry (Wife of Charles Boyd)

Boyd, Robert Enoch

David, Elizabeth

Drew, Frank Simpson

Drew, Isabelle "Belle" Rains

Drew, James Simpson (1833-1910)

Duggins, Elizabeth Louisa Smith

Duggins, Gracie

Duggins, Moses

Fitz Henry, Anna Beall (1826-1911)

Fitz Henry, Charles Sawtell

Fitz Henry, Enoch Arden

Gilbert, James

Gotberg, Elizabeth

James, Henry Jefferson

Kell, James G.

Kell, Sammie J.

Marshall, John

Maupin (Baby)

Maupin, Chester Filmore

Maupin, David Dennis

Maupin, Elizabeth

Maupin, Elwiza "Elwysey" Rockhold (22 May 1842 - 27 August 1873) 1st. Wife of Thomas Henderson Maupin

Maupin, Fred (10 November 1877 - 2 March 1937) Son of T. H. and Susan Ellen Maupin

Maupin, Susan Ellen Hoover (15 August 1855 - 10 November 1923) 2nd. Wife of Thomas Henderson Maupin

Maupin, Thomas (15 April 1869 - 15 December 1870 ) Son of T. H. and Elwiza Maupin

Maupin, Thomas Henderson (1839-1912)

Maupin, William L. (10 April 1867 - 19 April 1868) Son of T. H. and Elwiza Maupin

Metz, Jeanne Grey Boyd

Metz, Walter Jacob

Nelson, Elizabeth

Nelton, Thomas

Pierson, Julia Ann

Rader, John

Rader, Mary Jacobs

Raglin, Albert Warren

Raglin, Frances Ruth

Reid, Frank Metz

Reid, Gwendolyn Jeanne

Salizar, Florence

Street, John C.

Stuck, Andrew Jackson

Stuck, Bella Fitz Henry

Thompson, Ann

Thompson, Anna E.

Traneis, Ruth Raglin

Vernon, James

Wilson, Elizabeth

Wixon, Sheppard

Wood, William B.

Wood (Baby)



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