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A Tuttle Gulch Cemetery History

On-going - capturing information as I find it.

Sitting in the Bald Hills of Shasta County, California, near a road and at the bottom of a slope is a quaint cemetery called Tuttle Gulch Cemetery. There are approximately 57 known graves in this peaceful setting.

The earliest marked grave is that of Anna E. Thompson, 20 July 1864, thought to be an infant of 2 or 3 years old. Ann Thompson, possibly her mother, age 19 years, died 5 February 1866.

Buried here is Henry Jefferson James. Born 26 November 1828 in Adair County, Kentucky to Henry and Catherine M. Smith James, Henry J. James first married Mary A. Goodwin and 2ndly married Martha Frances Duggins. The marriage to Martha took place on 15 June 1875 in Meridian, Sutter, California.

Martha Duggins was the daughter of Moses and Elizabeth Smith Duggins. Moses and Elizabeth are also buried in the Tuttle Gulch Cemetery. Martha Duggins James was born 7 May 1854 in Missouri and died 11 December 1923 in Red Bluff, Tehama, California. (unknown at this time where she is buried)

Henry & Martha James had a family of five children, four boys and one girl. Growing up in the Bald Hills were: Moses Amador James (1876-1937), William David James (1878- ?), Seth Alexander James (1880 - 1957), Clara Elizabeth James Johnson (1883 - ?), and Jesse Smith James (1885 - 1964).~


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