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You do not log in. Items are posted by under the Categories listed to the right side of the page. Articles are in chronological order within the Titles, so be sure to scroll through the Titles to locate the new Articles. You do, however, have the option at the bottom of each Title of articles to comment, print, e-mail, etc. Articles have sources whenever possible. Many of the Articles are from old newspapers and other local historians. I cannot vouch for their correctness, but try to make square bracketed comments when necessary. I welcome your comments, corrections and additions through the comment key or to

Another way to search this site is to use Google. And to be more specific if looking for Buckeye on Google, use for example:


This website began with the founding of the Southwest Shasta County Historical Group @ Ono, Shasta, California. However, as time went on, interests expanded and evolved into more locations and categories. Many of us belong to more than one historical group and have local history or family roots in many parts of Northern California. Therefore, I will be posting information not only under Shasta County, but other Northern California counties as well. The categories of Historical Groups and Authors & Publications are a way to share information about our Northern California organizations and local history authors, both past and present.


It is my goal to provide another resource for those looking at their local history. This website is not competition with local history group web sites or any other website or historical newspaper or publication. The goal is to be "another place to look" with as much credibility and source information as possible. I really appreciate reader feedback for additional or more complete information. I maintain the right to add or delete content at any time. It is recommended that you retain a copy of an article that you want by print-out or transfer on your pc as a means of saving, as it might not remain on this website forever. I also maintain the legal right to the content and ask that you cite this website as source when using the information.

 ~ Jo

* Ongoing, Enjoy!

Reader Comments (2)

I found your site quite by accident. I am writing to tell you I am so impressed and delighted. I can easily spend hours here learning about my old "stomping grounds" and the history of the area where my ancestors liveed for years.
Thank you so much for all your hard work and dedication.

Besides being a genealogist and history buff I am the current editor of the Nevada County Genealogical Society newsletter "Kith and Kin". I shared a link to your site in our upcoming October publication.

October 2, 2017 | Unregistered CommenterDennis Olivarez

Thank You! So glad you are enjoying and sharing!

November 28, 2017 | Unregistered CommenterJo Giessner

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